MechForce News

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Although it is an official BattleTech product, the subject of this article does not meet the current criteria for Canon for the BattleTech universe.
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MechForce News
Product information
Type Magazine
Publication information
Publisher FASA (via MechForce)
First published 1988-1990
Timeline 3028-3051
Followed by Mech (magazine)

MechForce News was the quarterly newsletter of the MechForce North America fan club, produced by FASA. Each issue summarized recent events in the BattleTech fiction line from an in-universe perspective and had a section that listed members rankings.

AWOL Productions took over running the MechForce North America from 1990 onward, and the publication changed its name to 'Mech (magazine).


The MechForce News was an official product, produced under FASA's direct aegis. However, the current definition of Canon for BattleTech expressly excludes magazines (even "official" ones) by default. The magazine's content must therefore be considered apocryphal unless confirmed in a recognized canonical publication or ruling.


No volumes are given for the early issues. After the time-jump to the Clan Invasion era, a note of "Volume XXI" appears in the header, and references are made to having been in publication for 20 years.

Volume One[edit]

Issue One[edit]

MechForce News Spring 3028.jpg

Spring 3028, 8 pages.


Issue Two[edit]

Date Unknown, 8 pages.

Issue Three[edit]

MechForce News 3.jpg

Fall 3028, 8 pages (Mailed December 9, 1988)


  • "Second Wave of Davion Offensive Rolls over Capellan Confederation"
  • "Demand for Mercenaries Up - Galatea Never Busier"
  • "Grey Riders Pledge Themselves to Steiner/Davion Alliance"
  • "Four-Legged 'Mechs"
    • "Optional Four-Legged 'Mech Rules"
    • "Record Sheet Changes"
    • "Movement Rule Changes"
      • "Lateral Shift"
      • "Piloting Skill Rolls"
    • "Combat Changes"
      • "Hit Location Table"
      • "Leg Critical Hits"
      • "Physical Attacks"
      • "Heat Build-Up"
    • "Quad 'Mech Record Sheet"
  • "MechForce Rankings" - Member names and score rankings.
  • "Players Wanted"
  • "MechForce Chapters" - Registration form.
  • "MechForce Associate Membership" - Registration form.
  • Ad for Wolves on the Border.

Issue Four[edit]

MechForce News 4.jpg

Fall 3029, 8 pages (Mailed April 25, 1989)


  • "4th Succession War Changing the Face of the Inner Sphere"
  • "Federated Suns Under ComStar Interdiction"
  • "Inheritors Declare End is Near"
  • "Solaris Competitions Continue Despite War"
  • "Using Variant BattleMechs for Ranking"
  • "MechForce Chapters" - Chapter list.
  • "MechForce Rankings" - Member list and score rankings.
  • "MechForce chapters" - Enrollment instructions.
  • "Players Wanted"
  • Ad for Wolf's Dragoons sourcebook

Volume XXI[edit]

Issue One[edit]

MechForce News Fall 3050.jpg

Fall 3050, 8 pages (Mailed September 8, 1989)


  • "Our Twentieth (Almost) Anniversary"
  • "Star-League Type Technology Coming"
  • "A Look Back"
    • "Fall 3030 - Kurita Offensive Threatens Skye"
    • "Fall 3030 - Peace Treaty Ends Fourth Succession War"
    • "Spring 3031 - Tarnished Glory: The Cost of the Fourth Succession War"
    • "Fall 3029 - Followup - Have You Seen Me?
    • "Winter 3030 - ComStar to Arm Its Stations"
    • "Summer 3030 - Heir to Federated Commonwealth Born"
    • "Spring 3031 - Romano Liao Assumes Leadership of the Capellan Confederation"
    • "Spring 3040 - Katrina Steiner Dies"
  • "MechForce Rankings" - Member names and score rankings.
  • "MechForce Chapters" - Enrollment instructions.
  • "Players Wanted"
  • "MechForce Chapters" - Chapter list.

Issue Two[edit]

MechForce News Winter 3051.jpg

Winter 3051, 8 pages (Mailed April 18, 1990)


  • "Intelligence Briefing"
    • "Invader Organization"
    • "Clan Combat Equipment"
    • "Clan Tactics"
  • "Who Are The Clans?"
    • "The Return of Kerensky"
    • "The Lost Colony"
    • "Alien Invasion"
  • "MechForce Rankings" - Member list and score rankings.
  • "MechForce Chapters" - Chapter list.

Volume XXII[edit]

Issue One[edit]

MechForce News Summer 3051.jpg

Summer 3051, 8 pages


  • "Has it Stopped?"