MechWarrior's Guide to the Clans

MechWarrior's Guide to the Clans
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Randall N. Bills
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
Randall N. Bills
Loren L. Coleman
Chris Hartford
Christopher Hussey
Patrick Kirkland
Bryan Nystul
Christoffer Trossen
Pages 139
Illustrations Storn Cook
Kevin McCann
Scott James
Matthew Plog
Mark Sasso
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1725
First published 2001
ISBN-10 1555604358
Era Clan Invasion era


MechWarrior's Guide to the Clans is designed to help players and gamemasters alike successfully run role-playing games that involve the Clans. The first section of the book includes new traits, skills, and life paths specifically tailored to Clan characters, including the use of ProtoMechs. Also of note is new sub-affiliations for every Clan and archetypes for Clan warriors and civilians. The second section is composed of material primarily adapted from The Clans: Warriors Of Kerensky that deals with everyday life within the Clans, including their various trials and style of governance. Finally, "Vendettas" is an adventure designed for Clan characters.

From the back cover[edit]

For two centuries, the Clans have genetically bred their warriors. Clansmen are evaluated from birth, with their entire lives revolving around Trials of might-makes-right that whittle away the chaff and create the ultimate soldiers. Dive into this unique warrior culture and battle your way to glory to gain a Bloodname and pass your superior genetic legacy to the next generation.

The MechWarrior's Guide to the Clans is the second volume in the MechWarrior's Guide series for MechWarrior, Third Edition. It provides you with all the material you need to launch your own Clan campaigns. This volume contains seventeen new affiliations, as well as more than a dozen new Life Paths unique to each Clan, complete information for campaigning among the Clans and a full-length adventure.


  • Character Creation
    • Traits
    • Skills
    • Affiliations
    • Additional Paths
      • Stage 2: Late Childhood
      • Stage 3: Higher Education
      • Stage 4: Real Life
    • Sample Characters
  • Clan Life
    • Clan Eugenics and Bloodnames
    • Rituals, Trials and Traditions
    • The Cult of Kerensky
    • Morals, Social Mores and Taboos
    • Clan Government
    • Law and Order
    • The Military
    • Politics
    • Money
    • Technology
  • Clan Campaigns
    • Running Adventures with the Clans
    • Campaign Mechanics
    • Non-Player Characters
    • Clan Encounters