MechWarrior: Age of Destruction

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MechWarrior: Age of Destruction
Product information
Type Game System
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
First published January 2005
MSRP $29.95
Content blind booster containing plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Dark Age

A "Clix" based CMG based off of BattleTech and set in the decade of 3130, also another name for MechWarrior: Dark Age after the rule change that came with the (AoD) Age of Destruction expansion.

The system emulates the standard BattleTech system, but allows a game to be completed between 3 to 10 times faster. The main advantage is it allows a large combined-arms battle to be played in a couple of hours.

Game overview[edit]

The game is played turn per turn with non-simultaneous actions, on a non-hexed map with the help of inches rulers. The main game variant, MechWarrior: Solaris VII, allow 'Mechs to 'Mechs combat to be played on hexed maps and simultaneous resolved damage.

Units stats are simplified, thanks to the "Clix" bases called combat dial, taking place of the standard record sheet, allowing more units to be played in less time with easier damage/game evolution tracking of units.

The Battle Value of an unit is replaced by a point cost.

Heat management is tracked on a special dial for BattleMechs, called the heat dial.

Game scales[edit]

About game scales, each turn correspond to 1 minutes, longer than the 10 seconds represented in a standard BattleTech turn. One inch is roughly translatable between 1 and 2 hexes.


The main difference with BattleTech since AoD is that player can manage their units through adding MechWarriors and combat equipment, with class restrictions, called "gear" cards, to their BattleMechs. AoD also improved 'Mechs compared to Dark Age, giving those the option to both move and attack, making those expensive units far more usable, especialy in tournaments, and a decrease of artillery units power.

The combat dial system, as for other "Clix" based games, gives information and special rules to be used with specific units, evolving with the unit damage/evolution. Those specific information are called "special equipment", giving bonuses in any or specific situations (such as the unit being covered, moving or being attacked).

Gear cards attached to a BattleMech generates two types of game effect :

  • A permanent special equipment, considered as appearing permanently on the combat dial.
  • A special effect stated on the gear card.

MechWarrior cards often represents important and unique BattleTech Universe MechWarriors, with historic figures such as Anastasia Kerensky,Natasha Kerensky or Kai Allard-Liao but also anonymous, academy graduated MechWarriors that can be played in multiple times in a same battleforce. Unique MechWarriors often carry with them a special ability, most often activated in their own 'Mech but at a greater point cost. This is a special rules activated in special cases representing a characteristic of the MechWarrior for combat, repairs, heat management...

AoD was the first BattleTech game to introduce colossal-class BattleMechs and special rules to play those. Also, as for other "Clix" games, a "huge" unit was introduced : the Dropship, acting as a static firebase with repair bays.


MechWarrior: Age of Destruction Boosters contain more lethal combat, each with a BattleMech capable of being customized using gear and pilot cards. Situational alliance cards reward players who use multiple factions, while faction pride cards give faction-pure battleforces their own advantages. Quad 'Mechs take to the field as a brand new unit type. Random Boosters contain super-rare gunslinger pilots. A lucky few will also find the ultra-rare preview 'Mech representing a new faction being introduced in the next expansion.

The MechWarrior: Age of Destruction set consisted in 141 new units.