MechWarrior: Age of Destruction (film)

This article is about the student film. For other uses, see MechWarrior: Age of Destruction.
MechWarrior: Age of Destruction
Product information
Type Short Film
Author Lee Stringer (director)
Development DAVE School
Primary writing Story by Kelly Bonilla and Sharon Turner Mulvihill
Screenplay by Loren L. Coleman and Lee Stringer
Illustrations Art director: Vic Bonilla
Publication information
Publisher DAVE School
First published Unclear - See article
Era Dark Age era

MechWarrior: Age of Destruction is a WizKids-licensed short student film based on the collectible miniatures game of the same name. Created by the DAVE School's class of April 2006 with the involvement of several active WizKids writers and staff members, the film may have been released for download in 2007 or 2008 on the DAVE School website - it is unclear. It would later be uploaded to YouTube by the school in 2014.

Production History[edit]

DAVE School, according to WizKids MechWarrior brand manager and film co-producer Kevin Goddard, reached out to WizKids for permission to make a student film based on the property. The team at WizKids was enthusiastic, and the film - and the WizKids-DAVE partnership - was announced on 2 February 2006. MechWarrior writers and staff planned the story, helped write the script, and provided reference models, but the film was first and foremost a student project.

The trailer was released in November 2006, after the students involved had graduated. WizKids staff hoped to get the film polished for use, perhaps at conventions.

It is not clear when the film was finally released. Archived versions of the DAVE School website hosted only the trailer for in-site streaming for several years, but started to include a (lost to time) for download in mid-2007 alongside full film credits; full versions of the film started to appear on YouTube in late 2008, sometimes linking back to the DAVE School. Eventually, the DAVE School put the film up on YouTube itself in 2014.


The film was officially licensed and was made with the involvement of WizKids and official BattleTech writers, but was a student film made by an outside organization, and its release date is unclear. It is most safely treated as apocrypha.

The events of the film were later covered in Shrapnel Issue 16.


With Milton's defenses overwhelmed by the Wolf Hunters, the Republic Armed Forces prepare to withdraw what they can from the planet. The Wolf Hunters move for the spaceport, and the two forces battle. Republic DropShips narrowly escape - leaving Paladin Mandela and several other RAF combatants behind.

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