MechWarrior: Destiny

MechWarrior Destiny Cover.png
MechWarrior: Destiny
Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Philip A. Lee
Randall N. Bills, Jason M. Hardy (additional development)
Primary writing Philip A. Leey
William H. Keith (Dragon's Lair)
Aaron Cahall
Craig A. Reed
Geoff Swift
Clifton Wright
Cover artwork Marco Mazzoni
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code 35285
First published 12 June 2020
MSRP $39.99 (Print)
$14.99 (PDF)
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3025

MechWarrior: Destiny is the latest iteration in the MechWarrior series of role-playing games. It is intended to be simpler and easier to play than A Time of War, and will feature new, distinct rules for 'Mech scale combat.

During their crowdfunding project for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion boxed set, CGL erroneously wrote in the stretch goals description that MechWarrior: Destiny was slated for a 2020 release. It was later clarified that this was meant to read (and refer to) MechWarrior: Legends, a stretch goal publication that was part of the campaign; CGL could not alter the text once it was published.

A "closed beta" version of the rulebook was released to the backers of the crowdfunding campaign on 20 September 2019 for playtesting and feedback, with general release being on 12 June 2020.

Publisher's Description[edit]

The year is 3025. War rages across the vast interstellar empires of the Inner Sphere as the militaries of the Successor States vie for dominance across more than a thousand light years of inhabited worlds. And the king among these battlefields: towering BattleMechs and the MechWarriors who pilot them. But behind each battle lie a thousand unseen strings: Machiavellian court intrigues, shadowy wars of intelligence and counterintelligence, secret organizations, corporate greed, and more.

Will you align yourself with the honor-bound samurai culture of House Kurita, become a crusader for freedom in the service of House Davion, or test your mettle as a House Steiner champion in the arena duels of Solaris VII? Or perhaps you will rain down fire from the skies in a House Marik aerospace fighter, or operate in the shadows as a House Liao intelligence agent. Will you pursue a life of service behind the veil of the secretive ComStar, join an elite mercenary outfit like Wolf’s Dragoons, or even choose to lead your own lawless band of pirates? The path you lead through the 31st century, and the legacy you leave behind, is all up to you.

MechWarrior: Destiny is a new way to dive into the action-packed BattleTech universe. Based on the easy-to-learn Cue System, MechWarrior: Destiny is a narrative-focused role-playing experience that has all you need to grab some equipment, load your sidearm, and strap into a ’Mech, aerospace fighter, or tank to fight for what you believe in, be it honor, glory, or even the almighty C-Bill. Loads of characters, ’Mechs, and other military hardware make it easy to start trading fire on 31st-century battlefields in no time. MechWarrior: Destiny also includes rules for incorporating play in BattleTech’s Total Warfare and Alpha Strike games.