MechWarrior: Faction Dice

MechWarrior: Faction Dice
Product information
Type Dice
Pages Koplow Games
Publication information
Publisher Koplow and Wizkids
First published August 2003
MSRP 4.95
Series Dice Sets


The MechWarrior Faction Dice tubes contain three dice: two dice of one color scheme and one die of an opposite color scheme. Each tube is individually tabbed for hanging, or can be set up standing on shelves or in counter displays. The six factions are the first movers into the power vacuum that forms with the failure of the galactic communications network in the MechWarrior universe. Each set of dice is in the pertinent colors of their respective faction, allowing MechWarrior players to show their loyalty to their chosen faction. With the six factions continually at war for the control of the failing Republic, and every MechWarrior Campaign based on battles between the factions, every player will want to show their true colors at the gaming table!

Note that although these dice are manufactured by Koplow, they will be available to distributors exclusively through WizKids.

Product Description[edit]

Six MechWarrior Faction Dice Tubes, each tube containing three dice.