MechWarrior: Phantom War

MechWarrior: Phantom War
Product information
Type Game Aid
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
Product code WZK2323
First published September 2006
Content blind booster containing plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Dark Age
Preceded by Ares 3-Pack
Followed by MechWarrior: Poseidon


MechWarrior: Phantom War miniatures set is a collection of plastic miniatures for use in the revised MechWarrior: Age of Destruction miniatures game. A product tie-in with the Nintendo DS game MechAssault: Phantom War, the set features units from House Steiner and Clan Hell's Horses.

From the back cover[edit]



Booster Pack[edit]

The Steiner side comprises a Raptor, Uziel, and the Unique Atlas "Unsterblich". The Hell's Horses are represented by a Unique Hellbringer (Loki) "Brimstone", a Timber Wolf (Mad Cat); a revived sculpt from the Dark Age sets, but presented as a first model Mad Cat, not a Mad Cat Mk II), and a Kit Fox (Uller).