MechWarrior: Rasalhague Dominion Dice Set

MechWarrior: Rasalhague Dominion Dice Set
Product information
Type Dice
Publication information
Publisher Gale Force Nine and Wizkids
First published 2005
MSRP 5.99
Series Dice Sets
Preceded by MechWarrior: House Steiner Dice Set
Followed by MechWarrior: Republic of the Sphere Dice Set


Now you can proudly show your allegiance when your BattleMechs stride into combat with Gale Force Nine’s ALL NEW Mechwarrior Dice! Each package contains three (3) dice molded in appropriate faction colors with the faction clan symbol engraved in place of the “six”. Specially designed for use with Wizkids' MechWarrior collectable miniature game, one of the three dice in the pack is inversely colored from the other two.

Note that although these dice are manufactured by Gale Force Nine, they will be available to distributors exclusively through WizKids.

Product Description[edit]

Dice set contains:

  • Two (2) Battleship Grey Dice with Camo-White Pips
  • One (1) Camo-White Die with Battleship Grey Pips