MechWarrior: Technology of Destruction

MW AoD-Tech1.jpg
MechWarrior: Technology of Destruction
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Jordan Weisman
Primary writing Randall N. Bills
Pages 68
Illustrations Vic Bonilla
John Hudgens
Tom Peters
Mark Selander
Charles Oines
Todd Lubsen
Publication information
Publisher WizKids
Product code WIZ 2807
First published 2004
ISBN-10 1590411277
Era Dark Age era


From the back cover[edit]

Thundering across battlefields of a hundred future worlds, BattleMechs are the kings of combat in the MechWarrior universe. These colossal war machines are explored here in amazing detail. Richly illustrated with beautiful computer-rendered images of BattleMechs, weapons and vehicles. Technology of Destruction takes you inside the hardware, warfare and politics driving the conflicts that span the star empires of the MechWarrior universe.


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