MechWarrior: Token and Dice Set with Collectable Tin

MechWarrior: Token and Dice Set with Collectable Tin
Product information
Type Dice
Publication information
Publisher Gale Force Nine and Wizkids
First published 2006
MSRP 14.99
Series Dice Sets
Preceded by MechWarrior: Wolf Hunters Dice Set


Take your MechWarrior battles to the next level with Gale Force Nine's Official MechWarrior tokens and dice! These bright red translucent plastic laser-cut tokens will keep track of your military forces’ status just as if you were reading their H.U.D. readouts. Also included are three official MechWarrior dice with a Mad Cat silhouette in place of the SIX. All of this is packaged in a cool collectible tin emblazoned with the Mad Cat logo from WizKid's MechWarrior Collectable Miniature Game. This tin is an ideal home for your pilot and gear cards. Be the envy of your friends and the bane of your foes when you take to the field with these hot game aids!

Note that although these dice are manufactured by Gale Force Nine, they will be available to distributors exclusively through WizKids.

Product Description[edit]

Token and Dice Set contains:

  • Two (2) Black Dice with Red Pips
  • One (1) Red Die with Black Pips
  • Five (5) Vehicle/Infantry Ordered tokens
  • Five (5) Vehicle/Infantry Pushed tokens
  • Five (5) Mech Ordered tokens
  • Three (3) Shut Down tokens
  • One (1) "T.A.G." token
  • One (1) Plastic Insert with space for Three (3) dice and 3x3½“ storage for tokens, cards and other accessories