MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Armor Veil

--- Incoming Coded message ---

Kurultai GalxB_7th – Steel level clearance

- disseminate by need only -

The Wolves and their Inner Sphere Freebirth allies, the Kell Hounds, have engaged and are overpowering our forces at Icegrief Pass. Many of our positions have already been overrun. Our damaged units are retreating to the airbase at Resnick Flats. You must hold the base long enough for our ‘Mechs to arrive and reestablish a defensive line.

  • Codename: Armor Veil
  • Planet: Morges
  • Terrain: Ice Desert
  • Time: Day

Defend the airbase at all costs. We can’t afford to lose our only route to orbit. Trust your sensors. Visibility is low, and the snowstorms are getting worse.


  • Primary: Defend the airbase
  • Secondary: Destroy all attacking ‘Mechs
  • Return: Base: NAV UPSILON


The airbase is safe. You have successfully fended off the attack, and thus provided our units with an area to regroup.

Your combat skill has been instrumental in defending the airbase. The Keshik has noted your honorable actions in the field.