MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Circle of Equals

Circle of Equals[edit]


  • Planet: Labrea
  • Terrain: Mesa
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: 29 C

You will now enter the Circle of Equals to defend your actions against Star Captain Edwin Bekker. Destroy your commander. None will break the circle.


  • Primary: Destroy your commander


Transmission: Intercepted from HQ:

HQ: “Star Captain Bekker, do not let your ego stand in the way of your mission!”

Bekker: “But that savashri mercenary defied a direct order! I will not tolerate disrespect.”

HQ: “Proceed on to Jeanette immediately. I mean it, Bekker!”

Bekker: “No chance! Over and out.”


By defying your commander, you have affronted his honor. Although you were in the right you must now face him and defend your action.

The Trial of Grievance ritualizes disputes between individuals, as unapproved brawling does not foster Clan unity. Two individuals with a dispute must petition the Clan Council, which judges the Trial and ensures that combat etiquette is observed.

Combat takes place in the Circle of Equals. None but the combatants may enter the Circle, and leaving before the contest is ended is a shameful defeat.

When a dispute arises in battle, far from the Clan Council, a Circle of Equals can be called immediately. Now, you must fight to justify your defiance. Had you followed your superior’s orders, the information about the ‘Mechs would have been lost with the Draconis warriors’ corpses. But, if you lose this trial, you will be disgraced, and your superior will be vindicated.


Bekker: Now I will show you the consequences of your disrespect, Freebirth.


You fought valiantly to defend your honor and your actions. Your commander is disgraced in death. Your victory will be noted on your codex, and will be remembered when you seek your Bloodname.


Transmission: Captain Fitzsimmons: I have been appointed the new Star Captain of the 72nd Assault. In light of what’s just happened here, I must tell you I will not accept insubordination. Got that, hotshot?


Your next destination is Jeanette, within Smoke Jaguar territory. The Smoke Jaguars are ancient enemies of our Clan. Among all our foes, they would rejoice most in dishonoring us by stealing our heritage. We will have to use all of the cunning of the Ghost Bear to find the stinking Jaguars responsible for our loss.

Clan Smoke Jaguar was severely weakened in the attack on Tukayyid. Frequent skirmishes with the Draconis Combine and with Clan Nova Cat have hindered their chances to rebuild. Their Clan’s weakness has left the Smoke Jaguar warriors frustrated and dangerous.

The Smoke Jaguars may have taken our genetic heritage in order to forestall our plans in the Inner Sphere until they are in a more powerful position to re-enter the race for Terra. Whatever the reason, they will pay dearly for this affront to our honor.