MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Hunting

“Okay, Wetnose. Follow me to NAV ALPHA. Today you are to engage and destroy your first BattleMech. Before you get too excited, Scrub, do not think the Clan would risk a state-of-the-art machine on a worthless Cadet like you. Out there, at NAV BETA, is a drone ‘Mech. It is not fast, and it has outdated weapons. Nonetheless, it is dangerous to fleshy-headed mutants like yourself. Kill it, and meet me at NAV GAMMA.”

“For this mission, you will need to use the advanced functions of your targeting computer. Use it to target the nearest enemy; in this case the drone at NAV BETA.”

“Do not panic, Wetnose. The drone is shut down, so you are unable to target him now. Get closer and then try. Once an enemy is targeted, try engaging the target camera.”

“You made it back, so I guess you pass.”


“Proceed to NAV DELTA and dock at ‘Mech Bay Six.”