MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Mirror Cage

--- Incoming Coded message ---

Kurultai GalxB_7th – Iron level clearance

- disseminate by need only -

The Wolves have committed to a two-pronged assault on the planet Zoetermeer. Their intention seems to be to gain control of our Orbital Chemical Engineering Facilities and the Nalon Spaceport near the city of Salyn. The 2nd Wolf Cavaliers have dropped and are moving toward friendly positions inside the city.

We must stall their advance at all costs.

  • Codename: Mirror Cage
  • Planet: Zoetermeer
  • Terrain: Low Hills
  • Time: Dusk

Probes have detected a single spheroid DropShip in the Wolf rear, undergoing field repairs to its fusion core. Perform a strike against it while its defenses are off-line. We hope that the enemy will perceive this action as a prelude to a large commitment of our forces to the flank, and thus alleviate some of the pressure on the elements of the 10th Provisional Garrison at the Nalon Spaceport.


  • Primary: Destroy the DropShip at NAV ZETA
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending ‘Mech units
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV ETA

During Mission: 'Objective Complete' audio identifies the "Wolf DropShip" as the DropShip Bannockburn.


The enemy DropShip was neutralized. You have done well. Expecting a major assault, multiple elements of the Wolf’s 2nd have turned back to protect the flank. The 10th has countered and is attempting to turn the tables on the 2nd. The mission was a success.

By the bloodnames of the founders, the Keshik has noted your honorable actions.