MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Nav Computer

“Welcome to training, Cadet. I like to think of this lovely place as my home. Now you wouldn’t even think of upsetting me in my home, would you? Of course you wouldn’t. So do what I say, when I say, and I won’t get upset. I do bad things when I’m upset.”

“So, what do you say we do a little Nav Computer training?”

“Do not just sit there, Cadet! Use the console to target the nearest NAV point. Manipulate the throttle – set it to half. Pull the ‘Mech to the left and line up on NAV ALPHA. Follow the arrow on the compass at the top of the HUD to find it.”

“Line up those indicators, Scrub!”

“Once you hit NAV ALPHA, the next NAV in the sequence, NAV BETA, will load automatically. Look up at the heading indicator. You’ll see that NAV BETA is off to the right. Head for NAV BETA!”

“Okay, Wetnose, now here’s a real tough one. Flip on the autopilot. Notice how the ‘Mech will automatically follow the NAV sequence to GAMMA while on autopilot.”

“Good work, Wetnose. Mission almost accomplished. Disengage the autopilot. Set throttle to minimum, and await instructions from TC.”

“You drive like a Freebirth, Cadet.”


“Proceed to NAV DELTA and dock at ‘Mech Bay Five.