MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Raid on Jeanette

Raid on Jeanette[edit]


  • Planet: Jeanette
  • Terrain: Marsh
  • Time: Day
  • Temperature: 33 C

Search for the Draconis ‘Mechs which attacked Ardoz. If you find them, we will have proof that the Smoke Jaguars have stolen our genetic material. This also explains the presence of a Clan ‘Mech being used in a supposedly Draconis raid. Inspect all structures near NAV POINT ALPHA.


  • Primary: Inspect all structures near NAV POINT ALPHA


Inspect all structures. Search the loading bays for the stolen Draconis ‘Mechs


Jeanette was taken by the Smoke Jaguars in 3050, during the Third Wave of the invasion of the Inner Sphere. ComStar troops, who were supposed to be neutral observers, attacked, and Clan Smoke Jaguar annihilated them.

This is yet another example of those who remained in the Inner Sphere rather than leave with Aleksandr Kerensky. Once we recover the genetic material of our forebears, we can redirect our efforts toward the destiny of the Inner Sphere.

Since the ‘Mechs were lost in a Draconis Combine raid on Jeanette, they may still be here. You may be nearing the end of your quest, MechWarrior.

A reconnaissance team made up of others of your Trinary will search different areas of the planet, while you investigate a landing base.


Intel to 72nd Strike. Looks like we’re negative on the recon. Clear the area of any opposing units so we can send down our intel team.


The Draconis ‘Mechs are no longer on Jeanette. The reconnaissance team discovered a shipping log which indicated that the captured ‘Mechs have been shipped off planet to Garstedt to be refitted with Clan armaments.


By refitting the Draconis ‘Mechs, the Smoke Jaguars have shown their desperation. Like everything else in the Inner Sphere, their ‘Mechs and armaments are of much lower quality than those of Clan origin. For the Smoke Jaguars to use them shows that they are seriously weakened.

You will now board the JumpShip Bear’s Legacy to travel to Garstedt.