MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Rust Heart

--- Incoming Coded message ---

Kurultai GalxB_7th – Steel level clearance

- disseminate by need only -

The Wolves are attempting to re-enter the city of Borealtown, Wotan. We are busy preparing another defense. The enemy has cut our supply lines, which must be rebuilt at all costs.

A convoy of munitions is en route to a forward firebase north of the city. The convoy must reach the firebase in order to provide a safe resupply point for our troops to the south.

  • Codename: Rust Heart
  • Planet: Wotan
  • Terrain: Geographic Anomaly: Crystalline Forms
  • Time: Dawn

You are to meet the convoy at NAV DELTA, taking over from a previous escort unit. Escort the convoy to the firebase at NAV EPSILON. The planet’s geography will make combat difficult. However, no enemy interdiction forces have been reported in the area, and long range scans report nothing.


  • Primary: Escort the convoy to the firebase at NAV EPSILON
  • Secondary: Destroy all enemy units encountered
  • Tertiary: Destroy any targets of opportunity
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV ZETA


The convoy has reached the firebase intact. The munitions are now being unloaded. The mission was a success.

Excellent work, MechWarrior. The Keshik is pleased.


Your ineptitude has allowed the interdiction of the convoy. The munitions have been destroyed, making resupply impossible.

Your loss indicates that you are without honor.