MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Sable Flame

- Incoming Coded Message -- Kurultai Instruction Follows -

- Decode Fang Protocol – GALxAlpha 327th: 3rd

- Disseminate by need only -

The battle for the Devin system has begun. Jade Falcon’s 2nd Jaegers and 1st Striker Clusters have set up defensive positions at strategic locations on the surface. In anticipation of our drop, we have covertly landed on Devin’s moon, MacDuff, and have set up a Sensor Array Dome there.

The Falcon command, newly aware of the sensor dome’s location, have landed multiple units at the site. They have taken the landing pad and are holding the operations staff hostage as bondsmen. The dishonorable foe must be slain!

  • Codename: Sable Flame
  • Planet: MacDuff
  • Terrain: Cratered/Vacuum
  • Time: Night

Follow the NAV sequence to the sensor array dome. Liberate the staff by destroying any defending units. However, the dome must not be harmed. MacDuff’s atmosphere is hostile, and a breach will kill the personnel inside. There must not be any stray shots. Take back the dome and defend it until more units can arrive.


  • Primary: Capture and secure the sensor array dome
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending ‘Mechs
  • Tertiary: Destroy any targets of opportunity
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV IOTA


The sensor array dome is secure. You have driven the enemy from the installation, and the staff is safe.

On the surface of Devin, a battle rages. Jade Falcon units have engaged us on the black sand of the O’Tsung Plain. The Keshik hopes that our temporary loss of the dome will not hamper our units’ effectiveness below.

The Keshik is aware of your actions. Honorable deeds beget praise.


The dome’s integrity became compromised and the colonists were exposed to hard vacuum. There were no survivors. The loss of the dome has led to an intelligence “blackout.” We now know little about Falcon movements in the rear.

The Keshik is less than content with your performance.