MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Strike on Chandler

Strike on Chandler[edit]


  • Planet: Chandler
  • Terrain: Plains
  • Time: Day

We have found that General Tengwan and his escort are in a transport to a secured base. They will be stopping once to resupply. This will be the best time to attack. Track the transport to the resupply zone, then disable it before it can depart. Disable General Tengwan’s ‘Mech in order to detain him until he can be questioned and destroy all other units.


  • Primary: Disable transport
  • Primary: Disable General Tengwan’s ‘Mech and destroy all other enemy units


Disable Tengwan’s ‘Mech: The weakness of this class of transport is in its tail. If you are able to disable the transport, Tengwan will have to face you. Disable him, and destroy all other units.


In executing this mission, you must show restraint. Like all of us of Clan Ghost Bear, you desire the annihilation of those who have stolen our legacy, but now is not the time for bloody vengeance. Do not destroy our only source of information. The time for carnage will come.

The Second Sword of Light, called “The Steel Dragon,” is one of the Combine’s most powerful regiments. They are fanatically loyal to House Kurita, which leads the Combine, and receive the finest training and supplies. The Sword of Light regiments are not stationed on particular planets, but rove throughout Draconis territory. They are among the best warriors that the Inner Sphere has to offer.


Bekker: Draconis transport on scope, kid. Keep an eye on it.


When questioned, General Tengwan recognized the description of a ‘Mech used in the raid on Ardoz. The insignia on the ‘Mech indicated that it was piloted by General Ano Rentoshi, commanding officer of the First Sword of Light, now based on Wolcott.


Transmission: General Tengwan: The insignia on the lead ‘Mech is definite Rentoshi’s. He leads the forces on Wolcott, now. Why are you looking for him, anyway?


In 3050, during the Fourth Wave of the invasion of the Inner Sphere, the Smoke Jaguars encountered the forces of the Draconis Combine on Wolcott, who effectively halted their progress. The Draconis leader arranged the terms of the battle such that if his warriors were victorious, they would take as isorla four Clan OmniMechs and 24 suits of Elemental armor, and exact the promise that the Smoke Jaguars would never again attack Wolcott. If the Smoke Jaguars claimed victory, they would be given the planet without further resistance.

The Draconis forces used the swampy terrain and dense foliage of the planet against the Smoke Jaguars, and fouled their sensors with strips of reflective metal. The Draconis ‘Mechs defeated the Smoke Jaguars, and the Jaguar leader was executed for his failure.

You will have to prepare not only for the forces of the Combine, but also those of Clan Smoke Jaguar, who will see our presence in their territory as an affront to their honor.