MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Wolf Trial of Position Four

The Refusal War has ended. We have cut the Falcon to the bone. The wound may never heal.

The war has cost us dearly, however. We, the Warden Wolf, can never go back to the old ways. Our destiny rests with these so-called “barbarians” of the Inner Sphere. They are our wards. It is they we must protect, should the Falcon fly again!

[Star Colonel/Nova Colonel], this is a Call to Trial!

It is with the deepest sorrow and reverence we report:


Your numerous honorable actions in the field have placed you amongst the most skilled and excellent of all Wolf ‘MechWarriors. The Keshik has decided to grant you a Trial of Position for the rank of Khan.

You will fight against the best of the Clan.

You will kill or be killed.

  • Current Rank: [Star Colonel/Nova Colonel]
  • Rank if victorious versus the Phase One Star: Galaxy Commander
  • Rank if victorious versus all combatants: Khan

“Decision by trial. Combat be the judge.”

Trial Concluded

You have displayed skill sufficient to acquire the rank of [Galaxy Commander/Khan].

The Keshik is yours.

You are bound by honor to uphold the responsibility of your new post whatever the cost. Only death shall stay you from your given duty.

Embrace our new allies of the Inner Sphere. Watch them. Learn from them. They are not “barbarians” after all. They are men, like us. And like all men, they are worthy of honor and respect.

You, and you alone now assume the responsibility of protecting Terra and the Inner Sphere from Crusader aggression.

This verse has ended. Our destiny is sealed to a once unthinkable fate. We have found new allies in an ancient foe, and enemies in our siblings. The honor of the Warden way, like a pyre in the blackness of space, has guided us to our home on Terra. Kerensky foretold us of this Eden. The promise of deliverance. We will defend it to our deaths. Let the next verse begin.