MechWarrior 3

MechWarrior 3
Product information
Type Video Game
Development FASA Interactive
Publication information
Publisher Microsoft
First published May 1999
Era Clan Invasion
Series MechWarrior (video games)
Followed by MechWarrior 4: Vengeance

Micropose's MechWarrior 3 is a 1999 computer game set in the BattleTech universe.


Computer games are explicitly excluded from the list of products that contribute straight Canon to the BattleTech universe while at the same time it was stated that the IP owners are "not in total denial about these sources either"; it has also been stated that fluff from certain official, licensed products (namely certain computer games including those produced by Microprose) can be assumed to be part of the shared universe as long as it is not directly contradicted, and makes sense. On this premise, MechWarrior 3 is considered to be an apocryphal product. However, it is quite possible that this doesn't relate to Trial Under Fire, the game's novelization.

Plot synopsis[edit]


The operations BULLDOG and SERPENT are concluded, meaning Clan Smoke Jaguar is no more. The Star League Defense Force is gathering, to finally bring the true horrors of war to the Clans themselves and teach them how war is played in the Inner Sphere. The forces are jumping to Strana Mechty to conduct the Great Refusal that will bring peace to the galaxy at last.

However, there are some remaining tasks left according the Jaguars: their last high-ranking officer, Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett, is hiding on a secluded, remote planet named Tranquil where he's gathering all the remaining Jaguar forces to give a nasty surprise to the Inner Sphere.

Game storyline[edit]

Two DropShips are detached from the Eridani Light Horse crew named Eclipse and Black Hammer. These are to find all remaining Jaguar forces on Tranquil and put an end to this threat. This little force made up by the two ships is called Damocles Commando. Their task is to destroy all 'Mech production facilities, all ammunition and food plants and hinder any ways the planet could be used as a military base. Eliminating Jaguar forces is a bonus, but isn't necessary, since this is first of all a commando operation.

The crew of the two DropShips are assigned to two different task groups, who assume the Jaguars do not have significant forces to fight with, and that they're totally unaware of the upcoming attack.

The DropShips are closing in on the planet as the Black Hammer suddenly disappears in an explosion, caused by a naval laser stationed on the planet, showing that the Jaguars may be unaware, but they are far from unprepared.

The 'Mechs that should have been deployed from the ships are scattered or destroyed so the player needs to start the game on his own, without his lancemates and any help. As the player advances through the game, the support crew that is residing in three MFBs are working well and gather the surviving 'Mechs slowly.



Operation 1[edit]

  • Mission 1 - Damocles One survivors Lieutenant Connor Sinclair and Corporal Thomas Sorenson, who commands the mobile field bases, land near a fishing village after deploying from the DropShip Black Hammer, shortly before it was shot down by Tranquil's SDS system. Sinclair destroys Jaguar missile emplacements and a communications facility en route to rendezvousing with the mobile field bases. Codes recovered from the communications facility allow Damocles One to break Clan encryption and listen in to their communications. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - Sinclair battles Star Commander Freya's Omega Star in a river valley, destroying their barracks and a heavy missile platform. Sinclair overhears Freya warning that the "south coast projects are in danger," and finds capital WarShip lasers at a construction site. Sorenson reports Damocles One's Dominic "Gunner" Paine has deployed successfully and is moving towards the rendezvous point at the Jaguar BattleMech factory. Sorenson also reports that elements of Damocles Two are attacking a hydroelectric dam, while Captain Taylor has landed the DropShip Eclipse (containing Damocles Four, Five, and Six) to the north. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - Sinclair and Sorenson fight their way across a bridge en route to their rendezvous with Dominic Paine, destroying Star Commander Freya. Her superior, Star Captain Furey, orders his Trinary to regroup at the "stage site" to protect "the project." Sorenson reports that Damocles Two was destroyed after taking out the hydroelectric dam, while the Eclipse forces are engaging a Trinary led by Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - Sinclair links up with Paine. Together, they destroy a Jaguar power plant along with hydroponic greenhouses intended to feed the arriving Jaguar forces. The Naval Laser towers which shot down Black Hammer are destroyed as well. However, the BattleMech Factory turns out to be a cardboard decoy.(Transcript)

Operation 2[edit]

  • Mission 1 - With Damocles Two and Three wiped out, Damocles One takes over their missions. Sinclair and Paine fight their way to the entrance to an underground facility in a lakebed drained by the destruction of the hydroelectric dam. An elevator on an island provides access. Sorenson reports contact with Keith Andrew from Damocles One and Epona Rhi from Damocles Three. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - Sinclair and Paine infiltrate Gamma Base and battle Star Commander Isaark's garrison. Damocles One destroys the living quarters and transport shuttles at Gamma Base. Star Colonel Ratache Osis orders Isaark to pull back to the chemical plant and destroy tanks of highly corrosive gas - sacrificing Isaark's lance and Gamma Base to eliminate Damocles One, but Sinclair and Paine destroy Isaark's forces before they can blow the storage tanks. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - Sinclair and Paine continue their rampage through Gamma Base, destroying the access elevator to the surface, and destroying a barracks and warehouse area en route to the 'Mech factory. Star Commander Dreven's forces are unable to halt their advance, and Star Colonel Ratache Osis orders him to detonate charges to bring the mountain above down on top of Damocles One. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - Sinclair and Paine enter the 'Mech factory through a mining facility and processing bays that provide raw material. Inside the factory, they link up with Damocles Three's Epona Rhi and destroy the facility. (Transcript)

Operation 3[edit]

  • Mission 1 - Sinclair, Paine, and Rhi enter Operation Area Three, attempting to take on objectives intended for a full company. They destroy a Clan training area's headquarters building, wiping out the cadet forces and engaging Star Captain Drake in personal combat. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - To proceed north towards rendezvous with the Eclipse, the Damocles Commando attacks a Smoke Jaguar fortress. They receive unexpected support from another Black Hammer survivor, Alan Mattila. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - Sinclair leads his team to the crash site of the Black Hammer and defeats Clan forces under Star Commanders Sheryl and Hunter to lay claim to the salvage. They find the ship mostly stripped, with Jaguar convoys hauling it to Durghan City. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - Sinclair's team attacks a salvage convoy commanded by Star Captain Maya Howell. Star Colonel Ratache Osis, commander of the Jaguar's Omega Cluster, arrives in a Summoner and challenges Sinclair to fight in a Circle of Equals. Sinclair defeats Osis, but the Star Colonel escapes. Intercepted transmissions indicate that Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett has threatened to reave Ratache Osis' Bloodright if he fails to stop the Damocles Commando at Durgen. The team recovers target acquisition gear (TAG) equipment from the salvage convoy. (Transcript)
  • Mission 5 - Sinclair leads the Damocles Commando against the military city of Durghan, battling Ash Star, 'Mech Star, and Striker Star under Star Captains Furey and Adelmore. Fellow Damocles One member Keith Andrew destroys a heavy gate blocking the corridor to the spaceport with Arrow IV missiles, guided to their targets with the recovered TAG system. The unit is unable to make contact with Andrew afterwards, however. (Transcript)
  • Mission 6 - Sinclair leads the Damocles Commando against a fortified Clan surface-to-orbit laser emplacement near the spaceport, hoping to secure an escape vehicle there, as Captain Taylor reports the Eclipse will be unable to reach Sinclair's position. The Commando defeats Striker Star, but is then surprised by the appearance of Star Colonel Ratache Osis, who challenges the Commando members to combat in a Circle of Equals. He promises that a DropShip will be given to the Inner Sphere forces if he loses. However, after his loss, Sinclair receives a message from Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett, who informs them he had no authority to issue a batchall, and that the promise of a DropShip will not be honored. Captain Taylor confirms that Jaguar reinforcements have arrived and are burning fast for Tranquil, forcing him to recall his search teams and then withdraw offworld. (Transcript)

Operation 4[edit]

  • Mission 1 - In a desperate attempt to reach the Eclipse before it takes off, Sinclair leads his troops towards its location at top speed. En route, the Damocles Commando destroys communications relays and attacks a train depot to seize supplies, destroying the supply train after it offloads. They engage Jaguar forces led by Star Commander Montague, Star Captain Cameron, and Star Captain Vaughn, under the overall command of Star Colonel Trace Kotare. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - The Damocles Commando executes a smash and run raid against a village housing dispossessed Jaguar warriors, a laser tower, and a supply depot, blowing bridges as they proceed. Star Colonel Trace Kotare threatens to slaughter his troops himself if they cannot stop the raiders. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - Sorenson reports that the lead elements of Damocles Four, Five, and Six have already reached the Eclipse. Sinclair and his unit press on, seizing supplies from Phoenix Base, a large Jaguar logistics center. The Damocles Commando defeats the Phoenix Defense units, commanded by Star Colonel Trace Kotare, and spot Galaxy Commander Corbett's personal shuttle on a landing pad in a volcanic caldera. Captain Taylor informs them that all surviving teams from the Eclipse have returned, and that he will be able to pick Sinclair's team up if it can get to the Eclipse with the shuttle. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - To reach the shuttle pad, the Damocles Commando must overcome the heavily fortified Glacial Ridge base. In the middle of a storm, they breach its walls and cut power to its weapon systems. Star Captain Forrest abandons the base, against Galaxy Commander Corbett's direct orders. (Transcript)
  • Mission 5 - Lt. Connor Sinclair enters a geothermal energy facility alone to activate an elevator that will grant the Commando access to the shuttle pad, defeating Jaguar Elementals and light 'Mechs. (Transcript)
  • Mission 6 - Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett challenges the Commando to fight his Star in a Circle of Equals in the caldera. During the fight, Sorenson discovers that the shuttle is wired with explosives, but manages to defuse it. Sinclair and his lancemates destroy Corbett's force and, abandoning their 'Mechs, take the shuttle to rendezvous with the Eclipse in low orbit. (Transcript)

Named Characters[edit]

Smoke Jaguars

  • Galaxy Commander Brendon Corbett
  • Star Colonel Trace Kotare
  • Star Colonel Ratache Osis
  • Star Captain Adelmore
  • Star Captain Cameron
  • Star Captain Drake
  • Star Captain Forrest
  • Star Captain Hasaan Furey
  • Star Captain Maya Howell
  • Star Captain Vaughn
  • Star Commander Dreven
  • Star Commander Freya
  • Star Commander Hunter
  • Star Commander Isaark
  • Star Commander Montague
  • Star Commander Sheryl

Damocles Commando

DropShip Eclipse

Damocles One

Damocles Three

  • Epona Rhi
  • Alan Mattila
  • Shawna (did not make it out of the Black Hammer)
  • Carlos (did not make it out of the Black Hammer)

Pirate's Moon Expansion Pack[edit]

MW3 PiratesMoon.jpg


After the elimination of the last known Jaguars on Tranquil, Sinclair is promoted to colonel, and reassigned to a remote mining colony: Veil. There's nothing on the planet but one thing: germanium. This mineral is vital to the Inner Sphere, and there are numerous mining facilities scattered on the planet, some handled by the Lyran Alliance, some by the Davions, and some by the Rim Collective. Everything is fine until some bases report cumulative pirate attacks, so Colonel Sinclair is assigned to the task: eliminate all pirate activity.

Game storyline[edit]

The player can select two different campaigns: The Eridani Light Horse that tries to purge the pirates from Veil, or the pirates that try to acquire rule over the planet and, more importantly, over the germanium. The Eridani Light Horse campaign is a coherent line that points to the last battle with three pirate bases simultaneously, but the pirate missions are separate ones that relate only loosely with each other. After both campaigns are finished, the player gets a bonus mission, for fun, where they can meet Susie "One Eye" Ryan face to face.


Damocles Commando Campaign[edit]

Following their return to the Inner Sphere and some R&R, Lt. Connor Sinclair, Epona Rhi, Dominic "Gunner" Paine, and Allen Mattila are assigned to provide security for germanium mining operations at the Madre crater on the Periphery mining outpost of Veil, which is being jointly exploited by the Veil Mining Coalition, an alliance of crews from the Federated Suns, Lyran Alliance, and Rim Collection (referred to throughout as the Rim Collective). Sinclair's lance is based at Corona Base, which is manned by personnel loyal to Victor Steiner-Davion.

  • Mission 1 - While Dominic and Allen scout the road to Madre, Connor and Epona respond to distress calls from the Rim Collection's Pelican Base and the germanium transport DropShip Archon's Pride. In the aftermath of the raids, the Katrina and Victor-loyalists both order Connor's lance to protect their main bases of operations, and the pro-Victor miners at Corona Base worry that their germanium will be appropriated by the Lyrans en route to the Federated Suns. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - Connor and Epona launch a sortie across a deep canyon into the uncharted region where the raiders, now identified as the New Belt Pirates, have set up a staging area. They destroy a communications array and return to Corona. As they return, they receive a warning from Susie "One Eye" Ryan to expect repercussions. Back at Corona, Connor ponders the significance of Susie Ryan commanding this operation alone, without her co-leader Morgan Fletcher. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - Sinclair and Epona respond to a New Belt Pirate attack on a Rim Collection mining camp, while Dominic Paine reinforces Portal, the base controlling access to the Madre crater. The Damocles Commando defeats the raiders and destroys the base the pirates used to stage the attack, but the mining camp was destroyed leaving only a few survivors. Afterwards, they receive news that Dominic Paine was captured by the pirates before he reached Portal. The Rim Collection faction on Veil openly supports an alliance with the Federated Suns for mutual defense. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - Connor and Epona respond to an attack on a germanium convoy, but arrive too late to prevent the pirates from killing its escort, an Avatar pilot with the call sign "Werewolf". They drive off several waves of attackers and escort the convoy to the DropShip. Afterwards, Connor worries about the implications of the pirate 'Mechs having experimental technology like X-Pulse lasers. (Transcript)
  • Mission 5 - Sinclair, Rhi, and Mattila launch an attack on the New Belt Pirate base, hoping to destroy the garrison, the power plant, and the command center. Sinclair hopes to Paine at the base, or at least information that will lead to his location. Information recovered from the command center indicates the pirates are stationed at small outlying camps, but have no data about Dominic Paine. (Transcript)
  • Mission 6 - Sinclair's force successfully pursues two pirate germanium convoys that fled the base before the Damocles Commando attack towards an abandoned Rim Collection landing site on the other side of Desolation Ridge. (Transcript)
  • Mission 7 - Sinclair pursues Susie "One Eye" Ryan, while Rim Collection forces join with the AFFS garrison to secure Portal amid reports that Collection forces either attacked a Lyran camp or chased pirates through a Lyran camp. Corona Base reports that new DropShips have appeared on sensors and are landing all over the planet. The Damocles Commando fights its way back to Portal. Corona Base reports the pirates have retaken their advance base near Corona and established a camp along the road to Madre. (Transcript)
  • Mission 8 - Sinclair receives a report that Dominic Paine has escaped the pirates and returned to Corona Base with important information. Sinclair and his troops defend Portal against a new pirate attack. After the attack is repulsed, Dominic rejoins his unit at Portal and informs them that many of the pirates are actually false-flagged Lyrans, with the goal of seizing complete control of Veil and its germanium deposits. (Transcript)
  • Mission 9 - The Lyran forces openly assault the Madre crater, which is defended by the Damocles Commando, Rim Collective troops under Commander Sersi, and Lyran forces still loyal to Victor Steiner-Davion. The Lyran assault is repulsed, but Connor anticipates a new attack by Susie Ryan's real New Belt Pirates. (Transcript)
  • Mission 10 - Susie Ryan's New Belt Pirates circumnavigated Portal and have encircled the Madre crater. The Damocles Commando leads the remaining pro-Victor and Rim Collection forces against their staging camps, forcing the pirates to withdraw. Connor is disgusted that the Lyran treachery is swept under the carpet, with the official record indicating only an attack by the New Belt Pirates. (Transcript)

Pirate Campaign[edit]

The New Belt Pirates have come to Veil to obtain valuable supplies of germanium, and were most displeased when Rim Collection and Federated Suns miners arrived for the same purpose. Susie "One Eye" Morgraine-Ryan's right hand man, Scourge, leads Deuce, Trey and Blaze in missions to defend Belter bases and strike at Federated Suns and Rim Collection facilities.

  • Mission 1 - Scourge leads Deuce and Trey in a raid against Federated Suns and Rim Collection bases, targeting their power supplies. Scourge notes that the Rim Collection and Federated Suns arrived on Veil after the New Belt Pirates, and expresses disappointment that they didn't begin fighting each other. (Transcript)
  • Mission 2 - With the Federated Suns troops expanding their footprint on Veil, Scourge leads Deuce and Trey in a strike against two Federated Suns basecamps and orchestrates an ambush of the Davion Assault Guards Command Lance, defeating Lt. Connor Sinclair and forcing him to eject. (Transcript)
  • Mission 3 - The Federated Suns has overrun the main Belter base, and Susie Ryan wants it back. Scourge leads Deuce and Trey to intercept a convoy carrying supplies away from the ruins of the overrun Belter base, wipe out AFFS patrols, and then retake the base. (Transcript)
  • Mission 4 - The Rim Collection and Federated Suns have joined forces and are launching a two-pronged assault on the Belter base. Scourge's lance protects Belter radar installations and repulses the attack against the base. (Transcript)
  • Mission 5 - Susie Ryan is bringing in reinforcements from offworld, so Scourge, Deuce, Trey, and new addition Blaze must repulse an AFFS attack on the DropShip landing site at Deception Ridge. (Transcript)
  • Mission 6 - With the landing site secured, the Belter DropShip approaches the landing site at Deception Ridge. Scourge's lance repulses an AFFS patrol investigating the landing, then counterattacks against the patrol's base in Deception Pass, defeating base commander Austin. (Transcript)
  • Mission 7 - Scourge and Deuce defend a hidden stash of germanium while the rest of the Belters go on a general offensive throughout the region. (Transcript)
  • Mission 8 - The Belters have established two staging camps below the cloud cover in preparation for an assault on the Madre crater. Scourge's lance defends them from AFFS attack and then leads an assault Portal, a fortified AFFS camp guarding the main access route to the Madre crater. (Transcript)
  • Mission 9 - Now in control of the Madre crater rim, Scourge leads his lance against the AFFS garrison on the crater floor, so that Belter crews can secure the germanium. (Transcript)
  • Mission 10 - With the remaining AFFS troops pushed back to two camps on the Madre crater floor, Scourge is ordered to defend the two camps in Belter hands (Able and Baker) and eliminate the AFFS presence at the other two (Charlie and Dog). Upon successful completion, Scourge and his lancemates are awarded with a three day liberty. (Transcript)

Bonus Mission[edit]

The bonus mission becomes available when both Damocles and Pirate campaigns have been completed. Lt. Connor Sinclair has apparently been kidnapped by the Belters and stranded on an island in a fight to the death for the amusement of New Belt Pirate co-leader Susie Ryan. The player, as Connor, can configure an assault 'Mech of their choice, and begins on an island with no way off. They must face and defeat seven enemies to win the scenario. The final two opponents are Scourge and Suzie "One Eye" Ryan. (Transcript)

Featured BattleMechs[edit]

The Elemental battle armor also appears but the player cannot control it; however, it can be controlled in the expansion pack "Pirates Moon."

Featured Planets[edit]