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MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Flank Guard

Flank Guard[edit]


Lawhorn: Excellent work, Eric. You’ve really taken Dresari off guard. I’m promoting Striker Lance to Heavy ‘Mechs and filing a personal commendation for your last mission.

Lawhorn: Dresari forces have a few substantial bases in this mountain range. Taking them out will sever Ian’s lines of supply, and force him to retreat back to the capital with the bulk of his forces. Until we can complete our target list, I want you to split Striker Lance for close-range patrols.

Eric: Let me guess, double shifts with paired lancemates?

Lawhorn: You got it. Make your lance selections and pick your lancemate. I want you on patrol in two hours.


Flank Guard: The rest of the Legion has landed on Kentares IV. While they stage for battle, your lance has pulled a scouting detail. Patrol the Nav Points along the flank of the Legion base. If you find any Dresari forces, teach them the error of their ways.


Mandril: Tac-Com shows very little activity on your flank. Should be a fairly quiet run.

Eric: Well, that'd be nice for a change.

Mandril: Roger, just remember you need to... *static*

Eric: Mandril, say again, you're breaking up.

Lawhorn: Flash traffic, priority NOVA GOLD. Legion base under heavy assault. All receiving units, fall back to base immediately.

Eric: Striker Lance, return to base, max throttle!

Lawhorn: Evacuate base. Tac-Com has three more Assault Lances inbound. We can't hold long. All receiving lance commanders report.

Greg: This is Flanker One.

Cain: Hammer One on station, we're in bad shape.

Eric: This is Striker One, I'm one klick out from base, ETA 30 seconds.

Lawhorn: Black Six to Striker One, move to Nav Beta and escort Exodus convoy out of here. All other lance commanders, move to Alpha and hold at all cost!

Greg: Roger Black Six.

Cain: I'm not going anywhere with this busted leg.

Eric: Colonel, request to split from lance and defend Alpha.

Lawhorn: Negative Striker One, get our people out of here, now!!

Eric: Roger, Striker One moving to Beta.

Steiner Commander: Attention bandit filth. You are ordered to power down and disarm. Resistance will be met with lethal force.

Lawhorn: Black Six to Havoc Two, get your people over... ARRRGGG!


Greg: Black Six down! Repeat, Black Six down!

Exodus: Any receiving units, confirm Black Six ejection. Did anyone see him eject?

Greg: Negative ejection on Black Knight, he took it in the head. Flanker Lance engaging Steiner Assault Lance! Repeat, Steiner Assault ‘Mechs!

Eric: Steiner?!! Greg, pull back to Beta, I'll cover you!

Greg: Striker One, get the convoy clear, you're all that's left. We'll hold them a minute or two longer.

Radcliffe: The convoy won’t last long without us, sir. We have to give them cover!

Exodus: Exodus convoy at Beta. Give us cover, Striker One!

Exodus: Striker One, where are you going?! We need cover!

Exodus: Convoy to Striker. We’re getting torn up by a pair of ‘Mechs at Beta. We need cover!

Badger: Dresari skirmishers coming in off the lake. Looks like a lot of ‘em.

Eric: Badger, is that you?

Badger: Aye, sir.

Eric: Any word on Mandril?

Badger: Negative, Striker One. She was in the tower when the DropShips got hit. I wouldn’t hold out much hope.

Exodus: We’ve reached Gamma. Uploading Delta now.

Exodus: We’ve made it to Delta. Looks like we’re away.

Badger: There’s a set of canyons ahead we can take cover in, and send out recon to look for survivors.

Eric: Roger, Badger One. Let’s find our people, what’s left of us.