MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

Mechwarrior 5 Cover Art.jpg
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
Product information
Type Computer game
Development Piranha Games Inc.
Publication information
Publisher Piranha Games Inc.
First published 10 December 2019
MSRP $29.99
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 30153049
Series MechWarrior (video games)
Preceded by MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries
Followed by MechWarrior 5: Clans

Developed on the back of the Free to Play Online Multiplayer MechWarrior Online, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (MW5) is a BattleTech-themed single-player simulation developed by Piranha Games. Originally developed as the first single-player PC MechWarrior game in seventeen years, PGI would later initiate development for the XBox Series X|S, XBox One, PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 consoles, making it the first console BattleTech game since MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf in 2004 and the first console MechWarrior game since 1997's MechWarrior 2: Arcade Combat Edition.

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was originally released for the PC on 10 December 2019 as an Epic Games Store exclusive title, with an enhanced version for PC via Steam, GoG, and Microsoft Game Store for PC and the XBox consoles released on 27 May 2021 alongside its Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC Expansion Pack. PGI later announced PlayStation 4 and 5 releases of the enhanced version and which came out alongside the Legend of the Kestrel Lancers DLC Expansion Pack on 23 September 2021.

A Clan focused sequel based on this game's underlying engine, MechWarrior 5: Clans, is scheduled for release in 2024.

Teaser Text[edit]

The year is 3015. Humanity has expanded to the stars, colonizing a vast region of space known as the Inner Sphere. Where the Star League once ruled in relative stability, generations of countless wars, alliances, and betrayals have divided the Inner Sphere into five distinct Successor States. These states, also known as the Great Houses, have fought and quarreled for centuries over the remnants of the Star League and control of the Inner Sphere. They are now in the midst of a Third Succession War, one which has been raging for almost 150 years.

While the battlefields of the Inner Sphere burn with an array of devastating weaponry, none is more formidable than the BattleMech. These immense fighting machines, piloted by elite fighters known as MechWarriors, dominate the wars of the future with enough firepower to annihilate entire cities.

In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries you will adopt the role of a rookie MechWarrior pilot thrust into combat as the Third Succession War continues to fracture the Inner Sphere. Take contracts from the factions of your choosing and engage in tactical, first-person, PvE 'Mech combat through an immersive, career-based Mercenary campaign driven by player choice. Victory, prestige, and profit will not only require skill on the battlefield, but in the acquisition, maintenance, and enhancement of your BattleMechs.[1]


The player takes the role of Jake Mason, the only son of Nikolai Mason, commanding officer of Nik's Cavaliers, a small mercenary outfit whose home base is on the Federated Suns world of De Berry circa 3015. Jake and Nikolai Mason are attempting to rendezvous with a contact to collect on payment when they are interrupted by a surprise attack by a mysterious mercenary unit demanding information from Nikolai. Refusing to divulge the coordinates they seek, Nikolai orders his son to return to base and flee aboard the unit's Leopard-class DropShip, sacrificing his life to ensure their escape.

Reduced to just two 'Mechs, Mason and the survivors of the Cavaliers (Operations Officer Ryana Campbell and Chief Tech Fahad Arazad) reach out to Sebastian Spears, a high level agent of Interstellar Expeditions and a long-term friend of his father who provides assistance in escaping the system. Armed with a reused mercenary registration number to mask their origins, Commander Mason must rebuild his command to locate and defeat his enemies and avenge his father, against a mystery mercenary company that killed him.


Like the previous entries in MechWarrior series, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is a single-player PVE BattleMech simulator game with the player piloting their own 'Mech and commanding the rest of their lance. The game does have the option of co-op play, with three friends of the host able to take the place of the AI pilots and assist the host progress the campaign or play instant action sessions. MechWarrior 5 features no PVP aspects, with PGI specifically citing during development that PVP is well catered for in MechWarrior Online.

In the single-player campaign, the player undertakes mercenary contracts to earn C-bills and salvage and to enhance their Reputation, the higher the Reputation the better the rewards and further into the storyline the player can progress. Contracts take the form of an infinite number of procedurally generated missions, minor side quests with higher rewards and the campaign missions which deal with the progression of the story. The player's unit is primarily employed by the various Great Houses though contracts for other smaller factions such as corporate entities and individuals are also offered on occasion. The player's unit has a Standing with every faction in the game, fighting for a faction gains Standing with them, against resulting in losing Standing, high level of Standing provides bonuses when negotiating with them or using their markets, poor Standing instead results in penalties. Each faction also consists of different units with 'Mechs common in one faction being rarely available if at all in another, reflected in both selection of buyable 'Mechs in their borders as well as the opposition encountered in missions.

The player has access to a Starmap encompassing the entire Inner Sphere, able to visit any world as they wish allowing for time and cost. Overlaid on the Starmap are regions with red outlines which reflect Conflict Zones where missions can be found, which are most prevalent on the borders between the Great Houses but may also be located in the interior regions. Each Conflict Zone has an Recommended Reputation level indicating the level of difficulty and reward for the contracts within. Repairs and modifications take longer and are more costly in Conflict Zones, and their Markets often have reduced selections of equipment and damaged 'Mechs, with no pilots available to hire. Outside of Conflict Zones are various Industrial Hubs: strings of worlds that feature pilots for hire, better Market selections, as well as less onerous repair times and cost. Worlds with rare items, such as LosTech equipment and Hero 'Mechs, are highlighted on the Starmap.

When viewing a Contract, the player can see who the mission is for and against, weather and terrain, the expected opposition and difficulty. Contracts allow the player the negotiate for an increase on the base contract payout amount, a greater proportion of salvage, higher levels of damage insurance coverage, or even the ability to call in airstrikes a limited number of times during an operation. The base contract reward and the amount of negotiation points available is determined by both their overall Reputation and specific Standing with the faction offering the contract. Aside from the death of Commander Mason which instantly fails the missions, contracts can be aborted but will result in drop in both Standing and Reputation. Faction Standing also influences store prices, with factions that view the player favorably granting a discount on all purchases, whilst factions that dislike (or even hate) the player making items more expensive.

A notable difference from previous games is the addition of a "Tier" ranking system for weapons and equipment. The Tier represents the quality of the item, ranging from Tier 0 (the most basic) to Tier 5 (the most advanced). Whilst tonnage is not reduced, higher tier weapons deal more damage, reload faster, generate less heat per firing cycle, fire more accurately at longer ranges, and have higher velocity projectiles. Some equipment, such as Jump Jets and MASCs, don't use Tiers but are split into multiple Classes to cover certain 'Mech weight bands (for example, 'Mechs under 35 tons use Class V jump jets, 40–55 ton 'Mechs use Class IV jump jets, and so on).

Adherence to canon[edit]

As one would expect, the game also attempts to adhere to canon in terms of technology and 'Mech releases, and availability, with in-game news updates often foreshadowing the appearance of certain units or items in markets and on the battlefield. For instance, there are sightings of a mysterious "birdlike" 'Mech along the Liao–Davion border in 3024, shortly after which the experimental models of the Raven may be encountered. Likewise, Streak Missile Launchers are only available after 3035 (and even then only in SSRM-2 variants for some time thereafter). To a similar degree, certain 'Mechs and weapons are easier to find in certain systems than others; the Victor is more common in Federated Suns territories, for example.

Mission Types[edit]

Arena - DLC Exclusive - A unique new mission type exclusive to Solaris Showdown, Arena introduces Solaris-style dueling. Variations of Arena include "Free-for-all": the solo player versus multiple other solo competitors; "Duel": where the player alone must defeat a single opponent; "Lance Duel": where the player and their lance must defeat an opposing lance; "Pairs": which sees the player and a another unit member facing multiple teams of two; and "Exhibition": where the solo player must weather multiple teams focused exclusively on defeating them. Arena missions feature specific weight requirements or occasionally "Open" options. Unlike the other mission types, Arena missions are found in various Industrial Hubs and a small number of dueling or mercenary worlds in the BattleTech universe such as Solaris VII, Galatea, and Outreach.

Assassination - Assassination missions see the player hired to destroy a specific individual target or a series of targets such as a commander and the rest of his lance. Such targets generally are highly skilled and feature powerful 'Mechs in good repair compared to both the player and the rest of the defending enemies. Once the required target or targets is defeated, the player must head to their DropShip for extraction.

Battlefield - DLC Exclusive - An enhanced variation of Warzone exclusive to Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, Battlefield sees the player charged with assisting the defenders of a specific nav point hold off effectively infinite waves of enemy attackers to earn bonus money or withdraw once a set minimum is reached. Unlike Warzone where these defenders are often in heavily damaged 'Mechs, those of Battlefield are in good condition, providing additional aid in holding back the progressively stronger attackers.

Beachhead - DLC Exclusive - Available with Heroes of the Inner Sphere, Beachhead missions require the player's mercenary lance to act as a spearhead inserted by drop pod to secure a landing zone for a larger invasion force. Capture of an orbital defense facility is accomplished by staying within the marked area whilst also keeping enemy units out of the capture zone. Optional objectives include destroying the enemy orbital defense sensors and enemy artillery batteries, the former allowing additional reinforcements from the employer to land, and the latter of which will actively shell the player's lance unless they are destroyed. Successful completion of the primary objectives sees several Union-class DropShips from the employer's faction performing final landing approach, carrying a full planetary invasion force, as the player's mission ends.

Defense - Defense missions see the player and their lance defending a facility against multiple waves of attacking enemies, with bonuses offered for preserving as much as the target as possible. Notably even unintentional damage inflicted by the player and his lance also impact the objective's health condition. The defense objective varies from one mission to another, from military bases and industrial complexes, to towns or urban cities with skyscrapers. Defense missions conclude as soon as the final wave of attacking enemies is defeated.

Demolition - The flip side of Defense, Demolition missions see the player hired to destroy a target facility, normally defended by a mixture of 'Mechs and vehicles. Again, the objective varies and may be industrial factories, warehouses, military installations, or urban complexes. Defeating defending forces is technically not strictly necessary for successful completion of the mission. Once the sufficient damage has been inflicted to the target facilities, the player must reach their DropShip for extraction.

Garrison Duty - DLC Exclusive - An enhanced variation of Defense exclusive to Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, Garrison Duty features additional defending 'Mech and tank forces in good condition to weather a much higher tempo attack against the location to be protected.

Infiltration - DLC Exclusive Available with Rise of Rasalhague, Infiltration missions sees the player's lance enter a border region between their employer and their opposition tasked to perform a variety of variable recon tasks, ranging from sensor locking enemies to recovering specific supply caches or capturing/recovering unpowered 'Mechs, while trying to avoid detection. Player 'Mech selection assists or hinders this; light highly mobile 'Mechs are harder to detect than heavies and assaults. If the player is detected there is a brief window in which to destroy turrets or tanks within the detection circle to prevent a general alarm and triggering the enemy forces to actively start hunting down the player. While remaining undetected throughout makes the missions easier with an additional contract bonus, some mission tasks make it impossible to remain undetected to complete them, forcing the player to carefully plan when to trigger a confrontation. Whether detected or not, once the required primary mission tasks have been achieved the player must withdraw to their DropShip for extraction.

Objective Raid - DLC Exclusive - A variation of Raid exclusive to Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, rather than destroying the individual targets Objective Raid see the player enlisted to recover specific salvage crates at them instead, the player then needing to head to their DropShip for extraction.

Raid - Raid missions see the player tasked with destroying specific structures such as fuel tanks or sensor towers located in small bases spread across the map. Each location will feature its own defense forces tasked purely to that target, though as with Demolition missions, defeating the defenders is not strictly necessary to accomplish the mission. Once all the raid targets are destroyed the player can head to towards the DropShip for extraction.

Scorched Earth - DLC Exclusive - An enhanced variation of Demolition exclusive to Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, Scorched Earth see the player's lance target a more heavily defended location that must be destroyed, with a much higher tempo of additional forces, especially once the target has been leveled and the player has to withdraw to their DropShip for extraction.

Targeted Kill - DLC Exclusive - An enhanced variation of Assassination exclusive to Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, Targeted Kill the player charged with downing the much more heavily defended primary target and recovering a salvage crate from their remains before withdrawing for extraction.

Warzone - Warzone missions represent participation in a larger battle spread over a wide area. The player is hired to head to a specific nav point and destroy enemy forces that enter the area, encountering effectively infinite waves of enemies, each successive wave stronger than the last. Once the minimum required number of enemies have been defeated, the player is free to head to their LZ and call in their DropShip for extraction, but they can stay to continue destroying additional targets to earn bonus money, though at the risk of suffering increasing damage.

Multiple Mission Operation - Special contracts that require you to complete more than one of the missions (drawn from the types listed above) consecutively in the same system with very few days in between, without the ability to wait and heal injured pilots or repair significantly damaged 'Mechs, though this can be mitigated by maintaining a roster of both additional 'Mechs and pilots to rotate between missions. While difficult, such contracts offer significantly increased cash bonuses and salvage rights; however, aborting any mission in the sequence will fail the entire contract outright, and impose a severe Reputation penalty.

High Reward Quest - Unique, prescripted contracts based off the missions listed above, almost always multiple contracts but unlike Multiple Mission Operations these contracts do not need to be completed consecutively (time can be taken to repair and recuperate) and generally will take place across multiple systems. Aside from increased C-bill and Reputation rewards compared to standard contracts, they offer additional rewards such as rare items and equipment, 'Mechs, or even highly skilled pilots upon completion. The mission transmissions include backstory from the employer faction, and individual missions also often include scripted scenarios taking place on unique map layouts, that may also include voiced dialogue in the form of radio communications that flesh out the situation as it develops. Several unique Hero 'Mechs can only be obtained via the corresponding High Reward Quest chain, usually representing salvage captured from an enemy character defeated in the final battle, or as a reward given from the benefactor that hired the player's unit.

Campaign Mission - One-shot missions that advance the main campaign storyline. While superficially resembling the standard missions, they are usually full of prescripted sequences of events taking place on enhanced unique map layouts with large amounts of voiced radio communication dialogue. The opposition on these missions is typically also much heavier, with much more difficult opposition to defeat, especially when facing named antagonist characters. Unlike standard contracts, Campaign missions cannot be aborted, attempting to do so results in game over.


Original Trailer for MechWarrior: 3015
In 2009, Smith and Tinker and Piranha Games Interactive banded together to relaunch the MechWarrior series after Microsoft had not done anything with the IP since canceling FASA Studios' MechWarrior 5 in 2003. Smith & Tinker and Piranha Games Interactive released an in-engine visual slice trailer for MechWarrior: 3015 in the hope of garnering interest among video game publishers to fund the development of the game. The trailer featured 'Mech combat between an Atlas, Jenner, and a Warhammer in 3015 on the planet Deshler. While pitching this vertical slice to publishers, PGI and Smith & Tinker were not successful in getting funding. The IP contractual obligations with Microsoft stated that the game could only be released on Xbox and PC, so that automatically excluded the Playstation userbase and therefore limited the potential return of investment for third-party publishers. These conditions were worsened by the fact that the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 had hit the games industry and forced publishers to slim down while third-party developers were facing hardships with finding funding. This meant that there weren't really any publishers willing to fund the project. More info here

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is a different game and different project than what MechWarrior: 3015 was supposed to be.

First Trailer
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries was first unveiled in December 2016 as a proof-of-concept alpha version developed in Unreal Engine 4. The trailer was a live demonstration of gameplay played in real-time by Piranha Games Interactive's Russ Bullock. It featured scripted scenarios and HUYD mock-ups, first showing the perspective of a MechWarrior boarding a Shadow Hawk in a 'Mech hangar, then the perspective of the Shadow Hawk exiting the hangar and defending the base against incoming invaders in the form of an AI-controlled Raven. After Bullock defeated the Raven, a DropShip is entering the sky with a warning of invasion and outbidding whoever hired the MechWarrior to defend the planet.

Second Trailer
The second trailer was teased during Mech_Con 2017. Showing what would be the DropShip hangar and some gameplay., alongside the game's narrative premise of taking over the management of Chloe's Cavaliers with voiceover by both the father and what was supposed to be Chloe (the mother of who you play as in MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries), but the character and voiceover were ultimately cut.

Third Trailer
On 2 December 2018, a third trailer was shown at Mech_Con for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. It reused the same dialogue as the 2017, but entirely by the character of Chloe.

"We've taken you as far as we can. Death comes for us all, but for you; not today. High among the stars, rebuild and avenge us!"
- Voice from the trailer.

Launch Trailer
On 5 December 2019, the launch trailer was released on YouTube.

Steam / Xbox / GOG Launch Trailer
On 4 May 2021, a new trailer showing off the revamped and improved version of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries alongside its Steam, GOG, and Xbox release.

PC Gaming Show Marketing
In June 2021, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries saw a big marketing push at the annual PC Gaming Show, where the hosts performed the entire show from a BattleTech/MechWarrior-themed DropShip and catapult using the assets from the game.

Playstation Announce Trailer
On 8 September 2021, a new Playstation trailer was released that announced that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries would be coming to Playstation, the first time in over 25 years that the series had been on the Playstation console.

Community Editions and Preorders[edit]

Prior to signing with Epic Games, Piranha Games offered preorders for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries from the MW5 website. Running from 1 January 2019 to 30 April 2019, these three Community Editions were primary focused on existing MechWarrior Online players and included steadily increasing volume of MWO content. As extra incentive to MWO Founders, the amount of MC provided at each tier was doubled. Towards the end of the Community Preorder as an extra incentive PGI offered additional MWO 'Mechs, preorder before April 9th received the CPLT-C2 (S) Catapult, WHM-9D (S) Warhammer, MAD- 9M (S) Marauder, KGC-001 (S) King Crab, before received April 16th received the WHM-9D (S), MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S), before April 23rd received the MAD- 9M (S), KGC-001 (S) and before April 30th to receive the KGC-001 (S).

Privateer Standard Edition ($49.99 US)
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual
  • "Instant Action" Closed Beta/Demo Access with Co-Op support
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Access to the Official MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Discord Server for discussion, MW5 mod making and bimonthly AMAs with PGI

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Standard Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 12,000 MC - Founders received 24,000 MC
  • 30 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 72,800 GXP & 4.1 Million C-bills
  • MW5-themed Title, Badge, Decal, Cockpit standing Item, Warhorn item, Hanging Cockpit Item

Warrior Collector's Community Edition ($79.99 US)
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content Same content as Standard Edition plus:

  • Exclusive MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries "Chloe's Cavaliers" Legendary Pattern
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Desktop Pack

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Collector's Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 20,000 MC - Founders received 40,000 MC
  • 60 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 145,600 GXP & 8.2 Million C-bills
  • 2 MW5-themed Titles, Badges, Decals, Cockpit standing Items, Warhorn items, Hanging Cockpit Items

Mercenary Ultimate Community Edition ($119.99 US)
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Content Same content as Collector's Edition plus:

MechWarrior Online Content

  • Marauder II Ultimate Edition Pre-Order Pack
  • 30,000 MC - Founders received 60,000 MC
  • 90 days Active MWO Premium Time
  • 291,200 GXP & 16.4 Million C-bills
  • 3 MW5-themed Titles, Badges, Decals and 9 Cockpit Standing Items, Warhorn items and Hanging Cockpit Items

After conclusion of the Community Edition preorder and becoming an Epic Games Store exclusive title, two preorder options were offered, providing exclusively MW5 content only.

Standard Edition ($49.99 US)

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual

Deluxe Edition ($59.99 US)

  • Digital copy of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
  • Digital Game Manual
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Desktop Pack

DLC Expansion Packs[edit]

Heroes of the Inner Sphere[edit]

MechWarrior 5 Heroes of the Inner Sphere Expansion Pack.jpeg

Officially announced on 16 April 2020, Heroes of the Inner Sphere is the first DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. The release date has repeatedly slipped, originally being forecast for April 2020 immediately following the game's initial release in December 2019[2] before receiving a 10 December 2020 release date[3] and eventually Spring 2021 following the announcement of the Xbox versions.[4]

The main, significant addition of Heroes of the Inner Sphere is the inclusion of Career Mode. Rather than following the Campaign path, Career Mode allows the player to align with one of the five Successor States (Kurita, Davion, Liao, Marik, Steiner) and the Free Rasalhague Republic, with a starting point and a selection of four free 'Mechs unique to that House, or the ability to import a preexisting Campaign save. The expanded Inner Sphere Starmap includes an additional 18 Conflict Zones and eleven new High Reward Quests, seven of which sees the player undertake a series of missions to locate and hunt down Hero 'Mechs to salvage for themselves.[3][5]

Also introduced in both Career and Campaign Modes is the concept of Career Paths: the player can visit Cantinas scattered across the Inner Sphere to find Jobs, with employers seeking the completion of specific tasks ranging from locating a specific 'Mech variant or weapon type, destroying a set number of a specific vehicle, or finding a unique piece of salvage planted in one of the missions in a conflict zone. Completion of Jobs earns progress in one of the five Career Reputations (Equipment Collector, 'Mech Collector, 'Mech Hunter, Treasure Hunter, and War Dog) which unlocks quirks that enhance the abilities of your 'Mechs such as enhanced sensor range, boosted speed, and faster weapon cooldown/reloading.[3][5]

Heroes of the Inner Sphere adds many features to the base game including the Extrasolar Moon biome and a new mission type called Beachhead where the player must clear a landing zone for a planetary invasion force while disrupting communications and avoiding artillery strikes. Airstrike support is also now available with the volume of them negotiated in the contract. 55 new 'Mech variants are added including seven new chassis (Charger, Hatamoto-Chi, Champion, Marauder II, Dervish, Corsair, Vulcan). A selection of new weapons and equipment is also added including Chemical Lasers, Short Burst Lasers, Rifles, Stream fire SRMs, BAP, ECM, MASC, and Superchargers.[3][5]

Legend of the Kestrel Lancers[edit]

MechWarrior 5 Legend of the Kestrel Lancers Expansion Pack.png

First announced 16 September 2021 alongside the start of Gen Con Indy '21, Legend of the Kestrel Lancers was released 23 September 2021 on the same day as the Playstation release of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

The centerpiece of the DLC is the time-limited linear campaign featuring the Second Crucis Lancers (aka Kestrel Lancers) during the Fourth Succession War, which players can do as part of an existing game assuming they have not exceeded the year 3026, or can start/import into a new Career Mode game to get right into the action. At its base this new campaign is a series of multiple mission operations with extensively scripted events and unique map layouts on an exceedingly tight timetable. As the game itself warns, the player must maintain a stable of multiple pilots and 'Mechs with gaps between missions only long enough for minimal armor repairs or light injuries to be healed. Aside from the longer gaps when traveling between systems, extensive repairs or refits and lengthy pilot recovery can sideline a significant portion of your strength for multiple missions, requiring careful management of resources.

The campaign includes ten new "battle" scenarios, three new biomes (Megacity, Tourmaline Desert, Jungle), and five new mission variants (Scorched Earth, Objective Raid, Targeted Kill, Garrison Duty, and Battlefield) which are also available in procedural generated contracts. Legend of the Kestrel Lancers includes 24 new 'Mech variants and a new number of unique new paint schemes including that of the Crucis Lancers. A free update offered alongside this release introduced Melee combat (a first for a MechWarrior video game) and the ability to switch active control to an AI lancemate.[6]

Reflecting its Fourth Succession War focus, Legend of the Kestrel Lancers introduces two additional factions to the Inner Sphere Starmap—Tikonov Free Republic and St. Ives Compact—which appear (and disappear) as the years progress up to the game's 3049 timeline endpoint. Seven additional High Reward Quests are added and available in Campaign and Career Modes involving previously unused factions such as the Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, Free Rasalhague Republic, and St. Ives Compact.

Call to Arms[edit]

MechWarrior 5 Call to Arms Expansion Pack.jpg

Originally confirmed on 27 March 2022,[7] ahead of the official announcement on 14 April 2022, Call to Arms is the third DLC released for the game on 8 June 2022.[8]

The center of the expansion is an additional five-mission quest line with the player employed by Independent People of Skye to capture the Lyran Commonwealth's newest BattleMech, the Hatchetman, with the entire DLC focused on melee weaponry. Aside from the Hatchetman, twenty-three new melee-focused variants of existing 'Mechs along with five new melee-focused Hero 'Mechs are included, using one of nine new melee weapons including hatchets, swords, maces, and claws.[9]

Three additional biomes—Scrapyard, Tourmaline (Rubellite), and Hoodoo Desert—and a new "Stormsurge" skin for all 'Mechs are also included, as well as a series of free updates and game refinements to all players to be released alongside Call to Arms.[10]

Rise of Rasalhague[edit]

Rise of Rasalhague.jpg

Officially announced on 29 November 2022, Rise of Rasalhague is the fourth DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries with a release date of 26 January 2023.[11]

Similar to the premise of the Legend of the Kestrel Lancers, this DLC is centered on a new twelve-mission quest line where player joins Christian Månsdottir and the people of Rasalhague in a fight for freedom and independence from the Great Houses. The main story begins in 3031, a little more than one in-game year after the conclusion of the Kestrel Lancers campaign.[11]

Included with the DLC are several new features. Rival Mercenary Companies can lead to friendly or hostile interventions during missions, and the Bounty Hunter will pay for intel on them in exchange for valuable rewards. A new mission type called Infiltration has been added along with the Crusader chassis and eleven variants, including the Crael Hero 'Mech.[11]

A free update offered alongside this release includes a number of significant improvements to AI performance and behavior, including following commands more consistently, firing more often, and no longer walking through buildings in Defense missions; and also Quality of Life improvements, including a new Factions tab, added UI feedback for lancemate commands, and the ability to view details of set work orders. Additionally, the active 'Mech roster is now expandable from twelve to forty 'Mech bays, with the Leopard's standard four bays and the other thirty-six available for lease each for a quarterly fee, all of which are eligible for mission deployment and receiving repair orders.[12]

The Dragon's Gambit[edit]

The Dragon's Gambit.jpg

Officially announced on 25 July 2023, The Dragon's Gambit is the fifth DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries released on 28 September 2023.[13]

Another story DLC similar to the premise of the Legend of the Kestrel Lancers and Rise of Rasalhague, The Dragon's Gambit is centered on a new fifteen-mission quest line where the player is forcibly enlisted in 3038 to first assist the Fifth Amphigean Light Assault Group's defensive and then the Fourth Arkab Legion's offensive actions during the War of 3039. The DLC introduces the Longbow chassis with five variants and, as part of the quest line, the player has the chance to acquire six new powerful Otomo variants of Draconis Combine-themed 'Mechs. Further rewards are during the DLC's new campaign, with highly valuable LosTech caches hidden during its missions.[14][15]

Released alongside the DLC as a free update is enhancements to the game's Instant Action option with the introduction of Team Combat mode, allowing solo or grouped players to Garrison and attack or defend their base or play a battle royale style Free-for-All version. The update also adds enhanced difficulty settings, not merely increasing or decreasing the effectiveness of enemies but also offering options for such things as unlimited ammo, reduced repair time/cost, and removing the over tonnage penalties to salvage and C-bills.[14]

Solaris Showdown[edit]

Solaris Showdown.jpg

Officially announced on 22 February 2024, Solaris Showdown is the sixth DLC for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries with a release date of 14 March 2024.[16]

Another story similar to the premise of earlier DLCs, Solaris Showdown is centered a new mission quest line that that charges the player with pirate hunting on the Mercenary's Star of Galatea, taking in the sights of entertainment world of Hardcore, and traveling to the Game World of Solaris VII as they assist Duncan Fisher in the arenas.

Aside from introducing a militarized playable version of the Loader King IndustrialMech, the DLC also has eleven new "Gladiator" 'Mech variants along with four new ranged weapons, three new melee weapons, and three specialized Equipment items. Outside of the new quest line, the DLC adds a new procedurally generated mission type Arena which introduces arena dueling in industrial areas across the Inner Sphere. Victory in these missions earns Fame which unlocks rewards at various levels of Prestige.

As usual, a number of free quality-of-life enhancements, refinements, and bug fixes for the base game are also released alongside the DLC. Other additions include new heavy turrets with increased firepower, and "Field Refits," in which enemy 'Mechs automatically spawn with weapon variations based on their base loadout.[16]



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