MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries/Trailer

3015 – Planet Deshler[edit]

Central: Scorpio, proceed to the palace. Be advised multiple hostile sightings between your location and the palace grounds. House Kurita is landing DropShips at strategic locations around the city of Tohelet.

Scorpio One: Okay, we know they’re here somewhere. Fan out and let’s get some eyes on these bastards.

Control: The satellites are down. We’ve lost off world communications.

Jackson: Roger Scorpio Leader. Launching drone. Grid setting Fox-Niner. Battlegrid updates inbound.

Drone: Two unidentified targets acquired.

Scorpio One: Central, we have two unidentified targets. No, wait! No, sh….

Computer: New target. Designation: Jenner.

Scorpio One: Engaging target.

Computer: Warning! Launch detected.

Computer: Target destroyed.

Central: The enemy forces have overrun the palace!

Scorpio One: My God!

Computer: New target. Designation: Atlas.

Jackson: I need fire support.

Scorpio One: Moving to your position, Jackson. Hold the line.

Scorpio One: Central, I can’t get to you. Jackson is down. Engaging Atlas.

Scorpio One: Central, I need support. We’re getting wasted out here.

Unidentified: We need air support. Send in Zulu Six Five.

Unidentified: We need reinforcements. Our lines are breached.

Computer: Armor breach. Critical hit.

Scorpio One: I can’t hold them off!

Computer: Target off line.

Scorpio One: Yeah! Take that you son-of-a…

Computer: Target is charging weapons.

Computer: Multiple missile launch detected.

Computer: Offline - life support systems

Computer: Eject! Eject! Eject!