MechWarrior Aquatic Survival System


The MechWarrior Aquatic Survival System (or MASS) was developed in 3048 by MechWarriors on Solaris to provide them with a chance to escape from a 'Mech whose head was breached underwater. The system was designed to provide a MechWarrior time to get the 'Mech out of the water before they drown. Using a series of pumps, a sealing neurohelmet, and a series of high-pressure venting systems, water is forced out of the cockpit. MechWarriors need to hurry, however, as the system only provides fifteen minutes of air before it fails.[1]

The MASS is effective, but since underwater engagements are relatively rare it remains an experimental system.[2]


Game Rules[edit]

The MechWarrior Aquatic Survival System costs 4,000 C-Bills, weighs 1.5 tons, and takes up one critical slot in the cockpit location.[3] If a 'Mech using this system has its armor breached, the Mech must make a 2D6 roll for the next 180 turns (30 minutes). On a roll of 12 the MASS fails and the cockpit floods, forcing the pilot to eject. On a roll of 11 or less, the MASS functions normally. The MechWarrior can continue to operate the 'Mech but with a +1 penalty to all Piloting rolls. Only the cockpit is protected by the MASS. Other equipment in the location with the cockpit (including sensors, engines, or gyros in the case of Torso Mounted Cockpits) is disabled. If a MASS-equipped 'Mech has a torso location flood, the 'Mech is immobilized.[2]

A MASS has a Defensive Battle Value of 9 points.[1][4]

The MASS introduced in Mappack: Solaris VII weighed a single ton.[1]


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