MechWarrior Combat Suit

MechWarrior Combat Suit


The MechWarrior Combat Suit is an armored Cooling Suit first developed for the personal guards of House Kurita but, since its introduction, has become widespread throughout the Inner Sphere. In addition to the functions of a regular cooling suit, the combat suit is woven from heat-resistant polymer fabrics which protect from shrapnel and some small-arms fire and includes a rigid vest for further protection and space for a Medipack. The MCS' sealed helmet mimics all of the functions of a Combat Neurohelmet and connects to the BattleMech's life-support and communication systems through connection links in the side of the helmet. On its own the suit features six hours of air from an internal supply and twelve hours of communication through the integral Military Communicator, however the suit is not pressurized for underwater or vacuum environments[1] [2]


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