MechWarrior Companion

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MechWarrior Companion
Product information
Type Rulebook
Development Bryan Nystul
Joel Biske
Mark Ernst
The Green Man
Primary writing Bryan Nystul
Blaine L. Pardoe
Pages 135
Cover Artwork Doug Anderson
Illustrations Jeff Laubenstein
Ray Ledereer
John Paul Lona
Mike Jackson
Dave MacKay
Chris Moeller
Christina Wold
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1671
First published 1995
ISBN-10 1-55560-189-8
Era 3057


An expansion for the MechWarrior, Second Edition role-playing game, the MechWarrior Companion includes new archtypes, expanded and new skill section, detailed rules on running Clan characters and games. Rules to assist in integration between the tabletop game and RPG, including rules for Dual Cockpits, and creature and equipment fill out the remainder of the book.

Save a few exceptions, much of the additional information was later included, altered and expanded upon in the MechWarrior, Third Edition main book and LosTech: The MechWarrior Equipment Guide.

From the back cover[edit]

Get outta yer 'Mech...

...and into the action!

"Listen up MAGGOTS, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. It don't matter how big your 'Mech is. It don't matter how many guns you've got. It don't even matter that your uncle is the bleedin' Grand Duke of Planet X. If you ain't got the training, the experience, and the sheer guts of a real MechWarrior, you're as good as dead before you even leave the hangar. So pay attention and don't talk back, 'cause the life you save could be mine." - Sergent Major Jerrard Clydesdale, to the NAIS Training Cadre's new recruits, September 11, 3057

The MechWarrior Companion is an expansion rulebook for the MechWarrior, Second Edition roleplaying game. A must-have resource for players and gamemasters, the MechWarrior Companion offers players new skills, advantages, and equipment for their characters, and gives gamemasters helpful advice on running campaigns, creating exciting story lines, and involving the Clans in adventures. The MechWarrior Companion also provides new rules for resolving combat, including expanded guidelines for combining the BattleTech and MechWarrior Gaming Systems.



  • Using the Book
  • An Uneasy Peace



  • Inner Sphere Archetypes
    • Armored Infantry Trooper
    • DropShip Captain
    • Guerrilla Fighter
    • Marine
    • Special Forces Operative
  • Clan Archetypes


  • Personal Combat
    • Additional Attacks
    • Armor-Defeating Hits
    • Burst-Fire Options
    • Damage Effects
    • Dive for Cover
    • Falling Damage
    • Tactical Initiative
  • Integrating BattleTech
    • Skills
    • Game Scale
    • Sequence of Play
    • Damage
    • Infantry and battle armor
    • BattleMech and Vehicle Fire against Characters
    • Anti-BattleMech Swarm and Leg Attacks
  • Dual Cockpit
    • BattleTech Rules
    • MechWarrior Rules
    • House Conversions

Running the Game[edit]

  • The BattleTech Universe: Setting the Stage
    • Background and Setting
  • Creating Campaigns
    • Unit-Based Campaign Options
    • Mission-Based Campaign Options
  • Fleshing Out the Campaigns
    • Adversaries
    • Subplots
    • Variety
  • Keeping It on Course
    • Character Creation
    • Building a Unit
    • Non-Player Characters
    • Coping with Change
  • Environments
    • General Environment
    • Gravity
    • Atmosphere

The Clans[edit]



Personal Gear and Expenses[edit]

  • Military Field Rations
  • Restaurant Meal
  • Housing
  • Tri-Vid Set
  • Electronic Compass
  • Verigraphs
  • Uniforms
  • Clothing/Footwear
  • Parachute
  • Underwater Operations Gear
  • Climbing Gear
  • Transportation