MechWarrior Personnel File - Liao

MechWarrior Personnel File - Liao
Product information
Type Ziplock
Publication information
Publisher Shield Games
Product code SHD8805
First published 1988
Series MechWarrior Personnel File

Product Description[edit]

The MechWarrior Personnel File provides you with Battletech military data documents and serves as a storage folder for all your BattleTech papers. There are five different files - one for each of the five houses. Each file is printed in the appropriate House colors and contains components unique to that House. Plus your file can be personalized by you to fit your (or your characer's) individual background.

Product Content[edit]

  • Colorful Storage Folder
  • Officer's Commission - signed by Maximilian Liao
  • House Recruiting Poster
  • 'Mech Pilot Certificate - signed by Commanding Officer Kai Shek and Instructor Pilot John Tang-Li
  • Letter from your House Leader - signed by Maximilian Liao
  • MechWarrior Service Record
  • After-action reports
  • Kill Stickers
  • Next of kin/Insurance Form
  • Radiation Detection Badge