MechWarrior Tactical Command/Twycross Mission 5

Mission 5


  • Capture the Clan ‘Mechs

Mission Description

Armstrong: Commander, we have been presented with a unique opportunity. With the destruction of the Falcon Guard at the Great Gash, several Clan supply depots have been left poorly defended.

Holloway: We have identified a Jade Falcon supply depot housing powered down Clan ‘Mechs. The base has almost nothing in the way of defenses beyond their turrets. If we can secure the base, we could capture an entire lance of advanced Clan designs.

Armstrong: I want those ‘Mechs, Commander. The Clans have always leveraged their technology to give them the edge. That ends now.



  • Secure the Clan ‘Mechs

Secondary Objectives:

  • Base Captured

Holloway: Move on the base. We don’t know how long it will be before they call in reinforcements.

Kyle: The base is ours! I can’t wait to try out those ‘Mechs!

Kendra: And you were complaining that things are never easy…

Holloway: I’m reading a large number of Jade Falcon forces moving into the area…

Kyle: You just had to say it, didn’t you?

Trainer: Sibkos! The treachery of our enemy has left many warriors dead, but it has also brought you the opportunity to earn your position in the caste! As we speak, Inner Sphere Freebirth are attempting to steal our OmniMechs. These ‘Mechs are yours to claim. Now go, and be blooded as you crush these barbarians.

Holloway: What was that? Dominga?

Dominga: The sibkos are groups of trainees. Do not underestimate them. They are Trueborn, trained by the Clan, and today they are trying to earn their place as warriors. They will be dangerous.

Kyle: Trueborn? What does that mean?

Dominga: There are some things I cannot tell you. Even as a bondsman.

Kyle: I do love mysterious women, but –

Holloway: Cut the chatter, here they come. There are Clanners moving in from the west.

Holloway: Clanners moving in from the east.

Holloway: There are Clanners moving in from the west.

Holloway: I have another contact coming in from the east.

Holloway: More ‘Mechs from the west.

Holloway: Clanners moving in from the east.

Holloway: The scope is clear. That’s the last of them.

Kendra: We really earned those ‘Mechs!

Mission Success

  • Secure the Clan ‘Mechs – 1,000,000 C-Bills
  • Base Captured – SUCCEEDED