Mech Commander 2/Acquisition-Base Hermes

Acquisition: Base Hermes[edit]


Capture a vulnerable Davion base before reinforcements move in.


1. Capture Sensor Control
2. Destroy All Base Defenders
3. Destroy All Reinforcements
4. Capture Davion Base HQ
5. Extract
a. Capture All Main Base Turret Controls
b. Capture All Main Base Gate Controls


You may have yet another opportunity to prove your worth to the Mandrissa.

Our forces have besieged a lone Davion base deep in the Colddain Province. After several days of orbital bombardment and aerospace fighter strikes, the base’s walls have been shattered, leaving it virtually defenseless. Major Kelly, however, has deployed reinforcements for the base, due to arrive within hours. Our own forces are all engaged with Renard’s units, and will arrive too late.

You must capture Base Hermes and destroy Kelly’s reinforcements.

Be advised that you are required to capture the base’s facilities, not destroy them. The Mandrissa requires this base operational to be of use in our campaign against Renard.

Honor and Xin Sheng.

Tactical Officer Notes: Sir, based on these Recon images, it looks like Kelly is sending her best units to defend this base. These reports show a lot of Clan equipment: Ullers, Shadow Cats, Vultures, and, worst of all, Mad Cats. They’re extremely dangerous, but Cash will probably kiss you if you can salvage one of those.