Mech Commander 2/Facility Assault-Legion

Facility Assault: Legion[edit]


Destroy a new Steiner assault tank prototype and the facilities producing them.


1. Destroy All Legion Tanks
2 Destroy Three Industrial Complexes
3. Extract
a. Destroy Relay Station’s Power Generator
b. Destroy Two Medium Factories
c. Rendezvous with Liao Operative


Our agents have given us a disturbing report on our adversary, House Steiner. For some time, they have been guarding a manufacturing facility, which seems to be producing a class of war machine unknown to us, referred to as the Legion. Our agents estimate these massive vehicles to be between 90 and 100 tons.

The Mandrissa is disturbed by this news, and wishes the production of these machines terminated. Destroy all existing Legion tanks and the Industrial Complexes building them.

To ensure success, our Intel operatives have leaked the location and purpose of the production facility to Baxter and his partisan forces. They have confirmed that the partisans are massing to attack the facility and should provide a significant distraction for your own mission.

Honor and Xin Sheng.

Tactical Officer Notes: The Legion sounds dangerous, Commander. Don’t take them lightly. At that size, they’ll be able to destroy most ‘Mechs in a straight firefight. The Steiner facilities on Carver V aren’t known for their engineering, so I’m surprised they could design such a powerful unit.

Liao Intel tells us that their operative is still in the area, but laying low. It may be worthwhile to meet with him and get any information we can.

Recon has pointed out some interesting strategic areas. The production facility is located in a low valley surrounded by mountains, which allows us to take the high ground. Thick woods in the area provide a perfect setup to use indirect-fire weapons such as LRMs and Fixed Artillery.

In addition, the Mandrissa is offering bonus C-bills if we can also destroy some other factories and a generator to guarantee that Steiner won’t build another Legion facility.


Diaz: Sir, the partisans have begun their attack.

Partisan: Mercenary commander, our attack on the Comm Array has failed. We need assistance. We're dying out here!

Partisan: Thank you, commander. You've got a demolition team to destroy the enemy sensor control. Taking down their sensor grid should help your attack. I'll signal them to blow it.

Diaz: They blew the sensor controls, Sir. The production facility is virtually blind.

Liao Operative: Steiner's looking for me, so I'll be brief. The rear armor on the Legion tank is extremely weak, so get behind them if you can. Watch your back, Commander. There's an aerospace spotter in the area.