Mech Commander 2/Liberate-Gulag

Liberate: Gulag[edit]

Diaz: I’ve been searching on MercNet, Commander, and I’ve found us a new contract. Working for House Liao. Liao is posting a lot of C-bills to attract veteran merc units. I’ve got them holding on vidcom right now.

Eliza Cho: I see no need to check your references, Sang-wei. We have seen your work first hand. It is an odd twist of fate that the reduction of my military at your hands forces me to hire you as my mercenary. I am the Mandrissa Eliza Cho. This is my son, Jason. He is to be the next ruler of this planet. We require your services so that we may bring peace to Carver V.

Jason Cho: Colonel Renard is overreacting to a minor bandit threat that has nothing to do with us, by invading our territory and harassing the people of this planet.

Eliza: He is taking political prisoners – innocent civilians – and herding them into an internment camp. I want you to liberate that camp. The people must be saved.

Diaz: Rescue the civilians interred in Steiner’s remote prison, the Gulag. Seize and defend the Gulag until Liao transport vehicles arrive to remove the prisoners.


1. Destroy All Gulag Defenders
b. Capture Steiner Headquarters


Your first assignment in the service of the Mandrissa is a noble one – the liberation of innocent Liao loyalists and their families, being held in an inhumane prison created by Colonel Renard, known to us as the Gulag.

Secure this Gulag by eliminating all of its defenders, and we will send a convoy of ambulances and transports to evacuate the prisoners.

We know Renard as a vicious adversary; he may try to stop even this harmless operation with violence. Be prepared.

Honor and Xin Sheng.

Tactical Officer Notes: Sir, House Liao has given us amazing Recon and Intel data on this sector; they’re wired into every rock on this planet.

The Gulag’s main defenses consist of vehicles – Centipedes and Hunters – accompanied by BattleMechs. Expect Hunchbacks, armed with a dangerous short-range Heavy Autocannon. Also sighted was a Zeus, an Assault ‘Mech.


Renard: So, you’ve betrayed me, too. Mercenaries… I don’t know who you’re working for, but I guarantee by the time you reach the prison, there will be no one left alive.

Diaz: On my God. He’s going to kill the prisoners. Sir, you’ve got to get to the prison now! Those people are innocent.

Renard: Congratulations, Commander. You've saved a prison full of conspirators and anarchists. I shouldn't be surprised. It pays money. Still, if word gets out, others may join their cause. Lieutenant, scramble the bombers. Target the prison! Leave nothing standing.

Lieutenant: Yes, sir.

Baxter: Commander, my name is Baxter. I’m the leader of a resistance group. Now, I won’t bore you with the politics, but there’s a village southwest of the prison. My people there are mobilizing a convoy to rescue the prisoners, but we need some time. A Steiner strikeforce is on its way from the airfield. Now, if you don’t stop them, the prisoners, and my people, are dead.

Diaz: Estimating enemy contact in two minutes. You have time to call in some support, Sir.

Baxter: Okay, the prisoners are loaded, but this area’s too hot to hide them. Now, you have to escort us to the airfield so that we can evacuate. The convoy is moving out. Make sure there’s nothing waiting for us at that airfield.

Baxter: An impressive piece of work. You play the hero pretty well for a mercenary. Good luck.

Diaz: Time to bring ‘em home, sir. Uploading extraction coordinates now.