Mech Commander 2/Mobile Assault-Mt. Cho

Mobile Assault: Mt. Cho[edit]


Baxter: Thank you, Commander. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Hopefully, a war crimes committee will prosecute Renard and hang him.

Kelly: I heard some veterans joined your crew. That’s good. But we need more men. We’ll definitely gain some new troops from the city. Many don’t have homes to return to any more. For now, you may be all we’ve got.

Baxter: Let’s get started.

Diaz: Raid the Mt. Cho reinforcement station and cause maximum collateral damage to Liao property.


1. Destroy 1/3 of All Enemy Forces
2. Extract
a. Destroy 2/3 of All Enemy Forces
b. Destroy All Enemy Forces
c. Capture Liao Headquarters
d. Destroy All Three Power Generators at Liao Base
e. Destroy Both Industrial Complexes
f. Destroy All Five Slayer Bombers
g. Capture Weapons Facility

Commander, the only hope we have of winning this war is to stop the Steiner-Liao alliance before they fully mobilize their forces together.

Mt. Cho is one of the strongest Liao positions on Carver V, and their primary reinforcement point. We need you to hit this area and take out as many ‘Mechs and vehicles as possible before they combine with Steiner troops. I’ve also listed some secondary targets that will weaken Liao’s capacity to mount an offense.

I hope you can pull this off, Commander. The hopes of the people go with you.


Tactical Officer Notes: I’ve got copies of what few maps there are of the area; I guess Liao didn’t want anyone snooping around. Mt. Cho is big, and the obvious approaches are heavily defended. I’d scout around a bit; someplace that large must have a weakness.

The good news is that we might not have to go to the mountain at all. Liao isn’t expecting any sort of attack here; most of their units are positioned outside the mountain.


Diaz: Good job, Sir. You've eliminated about a third of the enemy in this region. You can extract now, if you want, or keep going and earn some extra C-Bills.

Cash: Whooo boy! Long Tom cannons. These are snub-nose artillery pieces - strong stuff and area effective. Watch how you use them. You don't want your own pilots caught in the blast.