Mech Commander 2/Reacquisition-Base Gemini

Reacquisition - Base Gemini[edit]


Renard: Well done, Commander. This is Ambassador Yee, House Steiner’s political representative on Carver V.

Yee: A pleasure, Commander. You handled yourself well.

Renard: Remember, you may have no contact with Davion forces. You’re here to prevent a war, not start one.

Yee: Carver V was once held by House Liao, and there still is a sizable population of Liao loyalists here. You are warned to stay well away from them. We want no…incidents.

Renard: Let’s get on with it. The bandits have taken one of my outposts. I want it back. Your tactical officer will give you the specifics. Recapture the outpost, Commander. I want this over with as soon as possible.


1. Capture Resource Building
2. Destroy All Bandit Forces Occupying Base Gemini

A Steiner base complex has been taken over by bandits, an embarrassment to Colonel Renard. Eliminate defenders and recapture base headquarters.

Bandit forces surprised and captured Steiner Base Gemini in the Adam Sector, forcing the garrison stationed there to retreat. Colonel Renard has postponed most of his meetings because of this and has ordered hourly updates on the situation until this base is recaptured.

Your orders are to eliminate Bandit presence at Base Gemini and recapture the Headquarters building.

Steiner Recon reports Bandit composition of UrbanMech and Fire Ant BattleMechs, with significant LRM Carrier and hovertank support.

Tactical Officer Notes: Bandits took a Steiner base? I’d hate to be the officer that let that happen. I know UrbanMechs carry medium-range autocannons, while Fire Ants are mostly armed with short-range Flamers. I’d suggest good long-range ‘Mechs with some short-range backup. You don’t want to get yourself into a knife fight if all you’ve got are LRMs. The Bandits use a lot of vehicles, too, which are slower going uphill. So if you’re getting swarmed by a bunch of Centipedes, move to the top of a hill and pick’em off as they try to come up after you.


Diaz: Our first objective is to capture that Resource Building north of our drop zone. We can use the Resource Points it gives us to call in Support.

Diaz: Only ‘Mechs can capture enemy buildings, so select only ‘Mechs when giving a Capture command.

Diaz: The best way to deal with bases is to capture the Control Buildings inside, such as Turret Controls and Gate Controls. This will force the gates and turrets to work for us, instead of the enemy.

Diaz: This base supports a Sensor Grid maintained by a Sensor Control Building. It will allow us to detect any enemies within range of these sensors.

Diaz: Nice work in securing this area, Commander. Before we hit the Bandits to the north, we might want to scout around for more Resource Buidings.