Mech Commander 2/Search and Destroy-Bandit Convoy

Search & Destroy - Bandit Convoy[edit]


Renard: According to the data you recovered, the bandit leader is Choung Vong, a House Liao commander who attempted to take this planet in 3057.

Yee: Steiner intel shows him on active duty, but your data says he was dishonorably discharged.

Renard: Someone’s lying. There’s another supply convoy moving up the Little Yangtze River. Stop them before they cross it.

Yee: Colonel! That river is the border of Liao territory. I urge you not to take military action so close to House Liao.

Renard: I’m not taking military action. He is.

Yee: Colonel! I respectfully…[TRANSMISSION ENDS]

Diaz: Intercept and destroy a Bandit convoy fleeing into Liao territory.


1. Move to Bandit Convoy’s Last Known Location
2. Destroy Bandit Convoy

Elements of a forward Recon unit have spotted a large Bandit convoy moving northeast In the general direction of Liao territory.

Intercept and destroy the convoy, eliminating every ‘Mech, truck, and vehicle.

Do not, however, stray into Liao territory, unless Colonel Renard personally authorizes such an action. House Steiner cannot risk either the political or military repercussions at this time.

Be prepared to receive orders in the field if you must approach Liao territory.

Tactical Officer Notes: Since we’ll be searching and chasing down a Bandit convoy, we should be taking in fast ‘Mechs and at least one scout ‘Mech with sensors. I would advise Bushwackers for their speed and Razorbacks for their sensor capability.


Diaz: Sir, they’re running for the bridge. Looks like they’re trying to find a fordable crossing.

Liao Control: Mercenary Commander. You’re in violation of Liao territory. Turn back or be destroyed.

Diaz: Liao Control, this is Lt. Diaz, Tactical Officer. We are pursuing bandits on behalf of House Steiner. We respectfully request that you do not interfere with our mission.

Liao Control: We’re tracking no bandits in our territory, Lieutenant. You may consider your mission successful.

Renard: Commander, I have no idea what House Liao is up to, nor do I care. Your mission is to destroy all Bandit forces. If anyone attempts to impede your mission, you will destroy them. There is a weapons facility to the north of your position. Capture it. We will exact payment from House Liao for their interference. Once your objectives are complete, move to the extraction point.

Tech: What we got here is a cache of pristine Gauss Rifles. Imagine something that can blow the armor off a Mad Cat from long range with no heat. An elegant weapon. I’ll get busy.

Diaz: Sir, House Liao is sure to send reinforcements. We’d better find a defensive position.