Mech Con

Hosted by Piranha Games Inc., Mech_Con is an annual MechWarrior and BattleTech convention located in Vancouver Canada. Though focused primary upon the titles developed by Piranha Games, MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (which was first announced at Mech_Con), the convention has increasingly become a generalized celebration of all things BattleTech with representatives from Catalyst Game Labs and Harebrained Schemes also attending.


  • Mech_Con 2016 - December 3rd 2016 at the Commodore Ballroom Vancouver.
  • MWO World Championship 2016 finals.
  • MWO Roadmap announcements - Updated UI, Skill Tree teaser, Escort game mode teaser, Incursion game mode teaser, Roughneck PGI original 'Mech.
  • MW5 reveal.
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation, low cost Intro Box and BattleMech Manual announced.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, BattleTech production discussion, HBS merchandise reveal, BattleTech demo stations.
  • Mech_Con 2017 - December 9th 2017 at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbor Front Vancouver.
  • MWO World Championship 2017 finals - Empryeal.
  • MW5 playable demo.
  • MWO announcements - Solaris game mode teaser, Solaris City map teaser, bolt-on teaser, Sun Spider PGI original 'Mech. 2017 Christmas Holiday Bonus.
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, Mitch Gitelman vs Jordan Weisman BattleTech match, BattleTech playable demo stations.
  • Mech_Con 2018 - December 1st to December 2nd 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Centre East Building Hall A.
  • MWO World Championship 2018 finals.
  • MWO announcements - Corsair PGI original 'Mech, 2018 Christmas Holiday Bonus.
  • MW5 - Updated release date, new teaser trailer, playable demo in both normal PCs and "Super Pods"
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation, gaming table, miniature painting.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, Mitch Gitelman vs Jordan Weisman Hatchetman match, announcement of Unseen in BattleTech, BattleTech playable demo stations.


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