Mech Con

Hosted by Piranha Games Inc., Mech_Con was an annual MechWarrior and BattleTech convention located in Vancouver Canada. Though focused primary upon the titles developed by Piranha Games, MechWarrior Online and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries (which was first announced at Mech_Con), the convention had increasingly become a generalized celebration of all things BattleTech with representatives from Catalyst Game Labs and Harebrained Schemes also attending.

Citing the expense to host the convention, the cost of which was almost entirely shouldered by Piranha Games, it was announced that Mech_Con 2019 had been replaced with more focused MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries launch party instead. It is not known if convention will be resumed at a later date.

Mech_Con 2016[edit]

The inaugural Mech_Con took place on December 3rd 2016 at the Commodore Ballroom Vancouver.

  • MWO World Championship 2016 finals.
  • MWO Roadmap announcements - Updated UI, Skill Tree teaser, Escort game mode teaser, Incursion game mode teaser, Roughneck PGI original 'Mech.
  • MW5 reveal.
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation, low cost Intro Box and BattleMech Manual announced.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, BattleTech production discussion, HBS merchandise reveal, BattleTech demo stations.

Mech_Con 2017[edit]

Mech_Con 2017 took place on December 9th 2017 at the Pinnacle Hotel Harbor Front Vancouver.

  • MWO World Championship 2017 finals - Empryeal.
  • MW5 playable demo.
  • MWO announcements - Solaris game mode teaser, Solaris City map teaser, bolt-on teaser, Sun Spider PGI original 'Mech. 2017 Christmas Holiday Bonus.
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, Mitch Gitelman vs Jordan Weisman BattleTech match, BattleTech playable demo stations.

Mech_Con 2018[edit]

Mech_Con 2018 took place December 1st to December 2nd 2018 at the Vancouver Convention Center East Building Hall A.

  • MWO World Championship 2018 finals.
  • MWO announcements - Corsair PGI original 'Mech, 2018 Christmas Holiday Bonus.
  • MW5 - Updated release date, new teaser trailer, playable demo in both normal PCs and "Super Pods" themed after the BattleTech Centers pods
  • Catalyst Game Labs - CGL Presentation, gaming table, miniature painting.
  • Hairbrained Schemes - HBS Presentation, Mitch Gitelman vs Jordan Weisman Hatchetman match, announcement of Unseen in BattleTech, BattleTech playable demo stations.


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