Mechanized Battle Armor rules

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Battle Armor can be "mechanized" in a way that allows them to "ride" a BattleMech into battle. This is usually done to further enhance the already relatively high mobility of Battle Armor.

This is not to confused with Mechanized Infantry, in which case, infantry (and sometimes Battle Armor) deploy out of a troop transportation unit. Nor should it be confused with Self-Mechanized infantry who move across the battlefield with their own personal vehicles.

How It Works[edit]

Most OmniMechs are designed specifically to accommodate Battle Armor with special handholds, which can be grabbed onto by most forms of Manipulators. These handholds are built into the structure of the 'Mech, and active when a friendly Battle Armor trooper broadcasts an IFF message to the 'Mech via the built in suit communication systems.[1] Once this signal is recieved, the 'Mech activates these handholds, which then the trooper uses to "board" the 'Mech. Without this IFF broadcast, the handhelds are made inaccessible by the 'Mech to reduce the likelihood of Anti-'Mech tactics succeeding.

Regular 'Mechs can't be boarded using this method, as many were designed before the advent of Battle Armor. Instead, these 'Mechs can be boarded with a Magnetic Claw or Magnetic Clamp. Once activated, these claws stick to the side of the structure of the 'Mech and act as though the troops boarded the same way as an OmniMech. This will slow down the 'Mech however.[2]

Most 'Mech classes can only carry 6 suits of Battle Armor, however, Superheavy 'Mechs can carry double this capacity of Battle Armor. There is one location for the trooper to climb onto for each torso section of the 'Mech, including all front torso locations, and the rear torso locations, Superheavy units getting two.[3]


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