Medium Chemical Laser

Medium chemical laser
Production information
Type Direct Fire- Energy
Tech Base Clan[1]
Year Availability 3059[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 2[2]
Damage 5[2]
Minimum Range 0[2]
Short Range 1-3[2]
Medium Range 4-6[2]
Long Range 7-9[2]
Tons 1[1]
Critical Slots 1
Ammo Per Ton 30
Cost (unloaded) 30,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 30,000[2]
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 37 for laser;
5 for ammo[3]


The medium chemical laser, as the name suggests, is the chemical laser system's equivalent to the medium laser. Intended for use on combat vehicles that have an ICE or fuel cell-powered motor, the chemical laser uses a "shell"[citation needed] of lasing chemicals to create the energy it needs to fire a laser beam at a target. The drawback to this system is that, unlike every other laser system that exists, it can actually run out of ammunition. The key advantage to the system is that it will operate on vehicles that lack a fusion engine and it doesn't require power amplifiers.[4]

The medium chemical laser has a range and damage profile identical to a standard Inner Sphere medium laser, but Clan Hell's Horses Khans don't see this as a problem.[4]


As this weapon is produced only by the Clans, there are no Inner Sphere models.


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