Medium Mass Driver

Medium Mass Driver
Production information
Type Capital Ballistic (Direct Fire)
Tech Base Star League
Year Availability 3070
Technical specifications
Heat 60/100[1]
Damage 100 (Capital)
1000 (Standard)[2]
Minimum Range N/A
Short Range 1-9[1]
Medium Range 10-18
Long Range 19-27
Extreme Range 28-36
Tons 50,000[3]
Critical Slots ???
Space Slots ???
Ammo Per Ton 1/60 (1 shot weighs 60 tons)[4]
Cost (unloaded) 280,000,000[5]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 300,000[6]
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 11,760
1,470 (Ammo)


The Medium Mass Driver is the midrange Mass Driver developed by the Word of Blake. It fires a slug the size of a 60 ton 'Mech at its target. Due to the sheer size of the weapon, it can only be mounted in a WarShip or Space Station that masses at least 1,500,000 tons. This means only Battleships and Space Stations could mount the Medium Mass Driver. In addition, only one Mass Driver could be mounted on a WarShip.

Like all Mass Drivers, the Medium Mass Driver wasn't very accurate[7] and had a restricted firing arc.[8]



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