Medium OmniMech TechPrints

Medium OmniMech TechPrints cover.jpg
Medium OmniMech TechPrints
Product information
Type Poster set
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1661
First published 1991
ISBN-10 1555602010
ISBN-13 978-1555602017
Content 4 posters
Era Clan Invasion

The Medium OmniMech TechPrints are a series of four cutaway blueprint-style BattleMech poster images. The poster size is 22" x 34" (60cm x 91cm).

The 'Mechs depicted are Black Hawk, Dragonfly, Fenris and Ryoken.

From the back cover (folded version box)[edit]

Speed and Firepower equal Victory

Dragonfly, Fenris, Black Hawk and Ryoken. These medium OmniMechs form the core of the Clan armies. They offer the agility necessary to destroy heavier 'Mechs piecemeal, and sufficient firepower to shatter any ligh 'Mechs foolish enough to get in their way.

The Medium OmniMech Techprints are detailed, cut-away views of the inner workings of four Clan medium OmniMechs: the Fenris, the Ryoken, the Black Hawk and the Dragonfly. Each full-color Techprint is 22" x 34".