Megasaur MWComp p81.jpg
(Great Lizard)
Creature information
Type Reptile-like
Average mass  ???
Average length  ???
Average height  ???
Creature stats
System  ???
STR  ???
BOD  ???
DEX  ???
RFL  ???
WIL  ???
EDG  ???
Traits  ???
Skills  ???
Size  ???
Armor  ???
Attack  ???

The term Megasaur[1] refers to a variety of large, reptilian animals across the Inner Sphere.


On the many worlds mankind discovered upon leaving the Terran system, some of them were inhabited by megasaurs or "great lizards." These creatures reminded many of the extinct dinosaurs from Terra's ancient past. This generic term covers all the species that one may encounter. From plant-eaters, to meat-eaters, to omnivores. Biped or quadruped. Large or small.

Some of the smaller carnivorous megasaurs have been known to feed on humans, but most are largely indifferent to such prey. Some have displayed strong territorial instincts and have been known to attack - and sometimes destroy - BattleMechs that stray into their territory.

Planets known to have Megasaur Populations[edit]


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