Melissa Steiner (32nd c.)

Melissa Steiner 3143.png
Melissa Steiner
Character Profile
Born 3099[1]
Died 17 July 3143[2][3]
Affiliation House Borge-Steiner
Rank Archon
Parents Andrew Steiner (father)
This article is about the thirty-second-century Archon. For the thirty-first-century Archon, see Melissa Steiner.

Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth Melissa Steiner showed more interest in commerce than politics.


Early Years[edit]

Born on Tharkad, Melissa grew up along with her cousin Trillian Steiner. As they got older, the two diverged politically. Trillian believed in Devlin Stone and the Republic, while Melissa, who was influenced by her father Andrew Steiner, had a negative opinion of the new nation.[4]


Melissa was not prepared for the day when she took over the throne from her father. Being only 28 at the time of ascension, and more so interested in commerce instead of politics, Melissa decided to surround herself with the aides from her father. As time went by she began to realize that she had to have people around her that she could trust and rely upon. She promoted her trusted cousin Trillian to the position of Chief Diplomat and "problem solver" within the Commonwealth.[1] In politics, despite adopting her late father's negative views towards the Republic, she recognized the Republic of the Sphere as a strong trading partner; however she opposed many of its policies that didn't benefit her nation. She gave a series of speeches stoking Lyran pride, and ultimately helped bring about revolt within the Republic. This would lead to Jasek Kelswa-Steiner, a distant cousin and militia commander, to take up arms against the Republic in 3133 in the form of a band of like-minded soldiers calling themselves the Stormhammers. His efforts caused Lyran-leaning civilians in Republic Prefectures to side with his cause, ultimately softening them for possible takeover by Melissa's LCAF units she would end up sending in 3137.[5]

After the HPG network crash, Melissa invested billions of kroner into ComStar to help them reestablish the HPGs, but when that effort failed, the Commonwealth economy suffered.[6]

Later, Melissa created plans for the invasion of the former Free Worlds League, known as Operation HAMMERFALL. To ensure success, Melissa was able to secure the help of both Clan Wolf-in-Exile and Clan Wolf forces. Though the invasion was successful, when she heard that Alaric Ward killed the League's Warden-General Thaddeus Marik (32nd c.), against Trillian's advice, Melissa ordered the activation of Operation Empty Cupboard: a plan to delay the transfer of Wolves' civilians. This would have catastrophic consequences. When the forces of Clan Wolf felt they had been betrayed, they turned on their Lyran allies, and the defenses Melissa had put in place were bypassed.[1][7]

In 3141, with the forces of Clan Wolf bearing down on defenseless worlds of the Commonwealth, Melissa suffered an assassination attempt and military coup. Melissa lost the title of Archon and her realm; however the military-backed replacement, Duke Vedet Brewer, turned out to be incompetent, and his efforts to stop the Wolves was short-lived.[8]

After the situation on the fronts became critical, Melissa was able to retake her throne after only two years, just in time for the dual invasion of Tharkad from Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon. Before the Battle of Tharkad (3143) began, Melissa refused to evacuate, despite the overwhelming odds. She put Callandre Kell in charge of the planet's defense.[1][9]


When hope seemed lost, Trillian offered herself to pose as Melissa in order to effectuate the Archon's escape. Melissa refused. Realizing, too late, than her cousin always had been loyal to her, Melissa asked Trillian to take her place as Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.[4] To ensure that Trillian and the rest of the Lyran leadership survived the attack on the capital, Melissa sacrificed herself in the face of Elementals from Clan Wolf. When an Elemental ordered her to surrender, she instead shot him with a laser pistol, before being killed by his return fire. Though it was a futile gesture of bravery on her part, it did leave an impression on the Wolves and gained her their respect in death, even from Alaric Ward.[1][2]


The Elemental that killed Melissa was hunted down and killed by Kommandant Bonnie Richards, of the First Royal Guards RCT, before the Wolves left Tharkad.[10]


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