Melody Cirillo

Melody Cirillo
Affiliation House Cirillo
Title(s) Lady
Profession Noble
Spouse Damon Lamb[1]
Children Farida Lamb[1]

Melody Cirillo was a noble from the Magistracy of Canopus.


Lady Melody Cirillo of House Cirillo was a highly ranked member of the Magistracy of Canopus, serving on several political councils within the Canopian government. At some point prior to 2996 Melody chose to abandon the Magistracy for a normal life, but as she was privy to a variety of state secrets her former realm wanted contained, agents of the Magistracy Intelligence Ministry were sent to bring her back.[1]

Melody Cirillo ultimately married Damon "Paddleball" Lamb, a retired MechWarrior who ran a relatively successful video game arcade and general store catering to the hopeful LosTech prospectors who visited the Aurigan Coalition world of Katinka, giving birth to two children. Unfortunately on 1 January 3005 the MIM agents sent after Melody finally caught up with her, forcibly returning her to the Magistracy. Being Aurigan citizens, her husband and eight-year-old daughter Farida were left on Katinka to live out their lives together.[1]


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