Merc Net

This article is about the online gaming service. For the in-universe mercenary database and media source, see MercNet.

Merc Net
Product information
Type Video Game
Development Activision
Publication information
Publisher Activision
First published 1997
Timeline 3040s - 3050s
Preceded by NetMech

MercNet was an online multiplayer service for the MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries video game by Activision. Similar in concept to NetMech for the original MechWarrior II, MercNet was a feature of MechWarrior II: Mercenaries (aka "Mercs") and was included in its initial release unlike NetMech.

MercNet received several updates along with Mercs that resulted in multiple versions, which can be broadly defined by the program being either DOS-based or Windows 95-based:

1. Mercenaries / Mercnet DOS (v1.0, v1.05, & v1.06)

2. Mercenaries / MercNet Win95 (v1.1)

Mercenaries / MercNet v1.1 was released in 1997 and allowed for Titanium-version net play.

MercNet included support for multiple connection types, including modem, null modem, IPX, and server-based play. The then-popular online gaming client Kali supported several leagues at the height of Mercs online play.

Minimum Requirements[edit]

NOTE: These are the original minimum requirements.

v1.05 DOS:

- 100% IBM PC-compatible computer

- 486 DX2/66 MHz processor

- 8 MB RAM

- Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 operating system with MSCDEX 2.10.

- Double-speed CD-ROM drive (300K/second sustained transfer rate)

- 65 MB of uncompressed hard disk space

- VESA local bus (VLB) or PCI video with 1 MB RAM

- 256 Color SVGA (640 x 480) video card

- 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and driver

- Dedicated game card is highly recommended for joystick

- 14,400 bps 100% Hayes-compatible modem using a 16550 UART, or direct Internet connection

- A PPP account with an Internet service provider