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System Information
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Owner History[edit]

Planetary History[edit]

The Meribah system was named by the Explorer Corps, a division of ComStar;[2] the system was located in the Deep Periphery just over four months travel from the border of the Outworlds Alliance.[1] The name Meribah was a Biblical name for the place in which Moses drew forth water from the rock; in the Bible, that same location had another name, Massah, which meant variously "quarreling" and "testing". Meribah would prove to be both for the personnel of Task Force SERPENT, who traveled to the system in November 3059 to take on supplies of water during their covert mission to the Clan Homeworlds.[3]

Unknown to Task Force SERPENT, the planet to which they dispatched DropShips to gather water was playing host to a settlement populated by a pirate band forged from the detritus of various Bandit Kingdoms destroyed during the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere and the prisoners they had captured. The pirates had named the world Eleuthera and were using it as a base of operations for raiding. The bulk of the pirate band was away on a raid when Task Force SERPENT arrived, but the remaining pirate BattleMechs attacked the guard force from the Twenty-first Striker Regiment protecting the DropShips gathering water.[3]

The Twenty-first Striker 'Mechs swiftly defeated the pirates, and after the pirates captured were interrogated and revealed the location of their operating base, forces from the Eridani Light Horse attacked and destroyed the base, capturing fifteen pirates and freeing forty-five captives. The execution of four pirate ringleaders proved to be a considerable bone of contention amongst the assembled unit commanders who comprised Task Force SERPENT.[3]

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