Meridon Shument

Meridon Shument
Died 3071
Affiliation Word of Blake
Capellan Confederation
Rank Precentor

Meridon Shument was a Word of Blake Precentor that defected from the Word with the intention to leaking critical HPG technology to the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Physical Description[edit]

Meridon Shument was over weight with dun-color hair and deep set eyes. After his defection, he was paranoid that the Word of Blake's ROM would find him and either kill him or take him back.[1]


In 3071, the Maskirovka had secretly placed Meridon in the Mountain Flower Buddhist Temple just outside the city of Hardari on Phact. He was to be moved in just a few short days. Unfortunately for Meridon, the Word of Blake had discovered his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the Capellan forces were also laying siege to the local HPG station on Phact as the Confederation had turned against the Word of Blake at this time. Thus the Word of Blake decided to kill two birds with one stone.

The Word of Blake sent Precentor Gazael leading a detachment of the Protectorate Militia to secure the planetary spaceport and evacuate the HPG personnel from Capellan aggression. However, the mission was partly a cover so that Adept Lee Angeni could lead his "Stiletto Force" of Nighthawk battle suit equipped soldiers to the Buddhist Temple. There Angeni's force overcame the Capellan defenders and assassinated Meridon Shument before taking a biological sample from his corpse to prove his death to the Word of Blake command.[1]


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