Merik's Grenadiers' Revolt

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Merik's Grenadiers' Revolt
Part of Age of War
Start Date 2451 - 2452
Result Jasmine Liao victory and Ral Merik's death
Rebels of the Capellan Confederation Loyalist of the Capellan Confederation
Commanders and leaders
Colonel Ral Merik Chancellor Jasmine Liao
Forces involved
Merik's Grenadiers 2nd Hexare Lancers

Merik's Grenadiers' Revolt is a twenty-fifth century uprising in Capellan Confederation. The revolt was carried out by a leading General who stage a coup after Ascension Duncan Liao to the Chancellorship. He would kidnap Chancellor and hold nation hostage until Chancellor's suicide to free nation from its situation. His sister, Jasmine Liao would call on forces to annihilate the traitors for the death of her brother.[1]

Revolt Timeline[edit]

2451 - Due to the disastrous running of the Capellan Confederation by Arden Baxter and Stephen Liao, it appeared the gifted and charismatic General Ral Merik might make a grab for power. To quell this possible urge, Stephen Liao's son, Duncan sought to curb Merik's rapidly-increasing popular influence by cutting his loyal troop strength in half. Ral's unit, the Merik's Grenadiers Regiment, a unit of the Elite Capellan Hussars Regiments, openly revolted, occupying the Chancellor's Palace and taking Chancellor Duncan Liao hostage for seven months.

2452 - The Elite 1st Capellan Hussars, original formed as the 2nd Hexare Lancers in 2355 in the St. Ives Commonality, were called in to deal with the Grenadiers.

[Feb 2452] Duncan, shamed at being taken captive, committed suicide. Chancellor Jasmine Liao renamed the 2nd Hexare Lancers as "The Red Lancers" after they destroyed Merik's Grenadiers. The Red Lancers were appointed as the Chancellor's personal bodyguards and have served in the dual capacity as 1st Regiment of the Household Guards and 1st Capellan Hussars ever since. Those Grenadiers able to escape, are given asylum in the Taurian Concordat in exchange for experimental Capellan BattleMech designs

2455 - In order to forestall any future coup attempts, Jasmine Liao decrees that no officer in the CCAF will hold rank above Colonel[2]


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