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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 102.876 : -54.593[e]
Spectral class G6V [1]
Recharge station(s) None [1]
Planets 3+ [1]


System History[edit]

Mesartim III[edit]

The Mesartim Flag
The Mesartim Flag
System position 3 [1]
Jump point
7 days [1]
Highest native life 20%, Reptile [1]
Population 2,471,000,000 (3025) [1]
HPG (Representative) B [1]

Planet History[edit]

Pre-Star League Era[edit]

Mesartim was originally an independent world that became swept up in conflicts between the newly-formed Tikonov Grand Union and the Marlette Association in the late 23rd and early 24th centuries. Although Mesartim was claimed by both states at the end of the 23rd century, the Marlette Association was the first to forcibly annex Mesartim, taking the planet along with several others between 2302 and 2306.[2]

With the election of General Diana Chinn to the Tikonov Tetrarchy in 2307, the Tikonov Grand Union began an ambitious gamble against the Marlette Association, and a number of Marlette Association worlds were invaded and annexed in short order. Tikonov Grand Union forces commanded by Diana Chinn conquered Mesartim in December 2308;[3] the world remained in Tikonov Grand Union control until 2344, when the Federated Suns occupied several Tikonov worlds including Mesartim [4][5] (which was referred to as Conway by the Federated Suns).[4]

In 2345 the Tikonov Grand Union was forced to sign the Almach Accords, which ceded control of Mesartim and a number of other worlds to the Federated Suns.[5] Reynard recognised Mesartim as an independent member world within the Federated Suns - giving Mesartim a higher standing than it had enjoyed as a member of the Chesterton Trade Worlds under the Grand Union - and founded a number of settlements there.[6]

The Tikonov Grand Union later renounced the Almach Accords in 2363 and attacked a number of Federated Suns worlds, although the Federated Suns was still in control of the Mesartim system when the Tikonov Grand Union joined the Capellan Confederation in July 2367. [7][8][9]

By the end of the Age of War, the Capellan Confederation had recaptured Mesartim along with several other systems, and Mesartim was one of the six systems that formed the Chesterton Commonality in fact, although nine worlds were claimed to be a part of the Chesterton Commonality in name by the Confederation.[10][11]

Summary of Significant Dates:

Succession Wars Era[edit]

The Capellan Confederation retained control of Mesartim during the 1st Succession War despite the protracted conflicts between the Confederation and the Federated Suns around the Chesterton worlds, but lost control of the system during the 2nd Succession War, either to Federated Suns conquest or the concessions of Dainmar Liao. [16][17] Sung's Cuirassiers recaptured Mesartim for the Capellan Confederation in 2978, attempting to relieve some of the pressure from the Federated Suns on Tikonov,[18] but the Federated Suns recaptured Mesartim at some point prior to 3023. It was in 3023 that Mesartim is described as a Davion stronghold and was raided by McCarron's Armored Cavalry during their infamous deep raid into Federated Suns space.[19][20]

Summary of Significant Dates:

Dark Age Era[edit]


The original settlers of Mesartim found a world perfectly suited for growing grapes, and many vineyards were located here. These wines were shipped to the most powerful citizens and enjoyed by those who loved the luxurious life. The fact that it's under the control of the Federated Suns has long been a sore point for the inhabitants of Tikonov. In fact in early 3025 the Prefect of Tikonov, Waldemar Teng, vowed that he would retake the planet from the Federated Suns specifically to return the vineyards to the Confederation. [1] Unfortunately for Prefect Teng the Fourth Succession War put an end to that plan.

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Eighth Chesterton Cavalry[31]


Nearby Systems[edit]

Systems within 60 light-years (distance in light years)
Closest systems first:
Mira 3.10 Almach 9.05 Tikonov 12.45 New Hessen 20.94 Almach 23.53
Demeter 26.38 Chesterton 29.19 Angol 30.77 Tianamon 33.41 Rio 33.342
Sonnia 33.342 Mirach 33.61 Tawas 34.11 Caselton 34.52 Yangtze 38.53
New Rhodes III 39.29 Kansu 40.32 Jonathan 40.85 Conwy 41.97 Valexa 43.15
Ulan Batar 43.50 Achernar 47.82 Algot 45.24 Goderich 46.79 Buchlau 47.04
Slocum 47.051 Tybalt 47.051 Schedar 48.33 Sanilac 48.85 Hamal 49.12
Menkar 49.63 Algol 51.18 Edwards 51.44 Halloran V 51.96 Azha 52.21
Tigress 53.26 Angelsey 54.96 New Florence 55.19 Ashkum 55.60 Bell 56.56
Foochow 56.86 Bharat 56.87 Logandale 58.93 Ronel 59.19

Image Gallery[edit]


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