Michael Durant

Michael Edward Durant
Character Profile
Also known as Mishka
Affiliation House Durant
Title(s) First Consul
Profession Noble
Parents Arabella Rowe[1] (mother)
Siblings Heather Durant[1]

Michael Edward Durant was the fourth First Consul of the Rim Worlds Republic, ruling from 2376 to about 2400.[2]


Michael Durant continued his mother Arabella Rowe's policy of cautious expansion into the Periphery while at the same time abandoning the Rim World Republic's low profile in favor of increased diplomacy throughout the nearer half of the Inner Sphere. His diplomats boasted that the Republic consisted of twenty-three inhabited systems, over twelve billion citizens, and two million soldiers.[1] House leaders realized they had underestimated the Periphery nation.[2]

Durant's approach to foreign relations helped the Republic secure secret trade agreements with House Steiner, House Kurita, House Marik, and the Terran Hegemony. Though poor in natural resources, the Republic had an abundance of skilled workers capable of manufacturing large quantities of goods at extremely low prices, and the workers didn't mind as their standard of living was sufficiently high. In exchange, Lord Durant helped the Republic gain better recognition from the other Houses as well as up-to-date technology—especially military tech.[2]

According to one of his counselors, Lord Bruxton De Rinn, Durant was known as a slob whose throne room was quite untidy. He had a penchant for keeping personal female advisors who often distracted him from state affairs and other matters of interstellar importance.[2]


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