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Michael Steiner (25th c.)

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Michael Steiner
Character Profile
Born 2447[1]
Died 2476[1]
Affiliation House Steiner
Title(s) Archon
Profession Noble
Parents Alistair Steiner (father)
Phillipa Kelswa (mother)
Siblings Steven Steiner (twin)
Tatyana Steiner
Spouse Regina McQuiston
Children Rutger Steiner [2]

Michael Steiner, was a Age of War era House Steiner nobleman, military officer, and the fifth Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth.


Early Life and Military Career[edit]

Elder son of Alistair Marsden Steiner, Michael was the heir apparent to the throne. Unlike his father, when Michael joined the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces he was mysteriously reassigned to a new post when he was supposed to go into combat. He participated in the Long March Offensive, where he was part of the task forces attacking both the Draconis Combine and the Free Worlds League.[3] However, his military career was cut short when he was recalled to Tharkad, with word of his father's apparent assassination in June, 2467.[4]

As Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth[edit]

Trial of Duke Reynolds[edit]

On his arrival with his brother Steven from the front lines of war between the two Succession Houses, Michael was sworn in as Archon. Steven then took command of the Lyran Commonwealth's military forces, while Michael attempted to overcome the paralysis of his government from the shock of his father's assassination.

His first task as Archon, Michael set forth looking into the charges of his uncle Reynolds being responsible for the death of his own blood kin. Michael, who loved and admired his uncle, found the evidence quite damaging. Despite this, he refused to believe he could do such a thing. Circumstances forced Michael to announce to the general public that the evidence pointed to the Duke in the late Archon's death. He then had the Duke incarcerated for the crime. As violence broke out between opposing groups feuding over the Duke's guilt, Michael began to investigate his uncle's history, dispatching LIC agents to Fatima. They grilled the youths who committed the deed, finding the students had been duped by former Fatima nobleman, Graf Alfonse DeSimon. LIC agents learned from them that DeSimon wished to get revenge on Duke Reynolds. DeSimons was captured and confronted with the evidence. He confessed the crime before cameras broadcasting to the masses. With Duke Reynolds now free from jail, DeSimon and his brainwashed students were executed for the murder of Alistair Steiner.[5]

Leading the Commonwealth in the Dark Times[edit]

Infighting among political parties plagued Lyran politics which allowed the Archon's foes to finally catch up with the technology race of the BattleMechs. By 2463, Lyran forces, now facing opponents with their own BattleMechs, caused Michael's forces to give pause as their enemies were setting up to retake worlds lost in the Commonwealth's Long March Offensive.

In 2471, the Archon had a double wedding with his brother. Michael marries Duchess of Skye, Regina McQuiston, the last of the original Skye founding family. His brother Steven marries an LCAF regimental tank commander, named Margaret Olsen. The marriage ceremony, was to be seen as a festive and happy event for the Commonwealth is almost derailed by news of their younger sister Tatyana's suicide. Michael, determined to carry on with the ceremony, did not allow the darkness of their sister's illness cripple their future.

Month after his marriage with Regina, an earthquake struck Tharkad City, destroying the Triad and damaging the palace. Michael's bride, Regina was killed in the quake along with a number of Lyran Representatives. Michael was grief-stricken by her death. He opened the palace up to the survivors of the quake to give them a place to stay. Many of the Steiner nobility attended the refugees by manning kitchens and leading rescue efforts.[6]

Resignation and Death[edit]

The quake of 2471 gave the Draconis Combine an opportunity they long sought to invade the Commonwealth. Archon Michael announced his resignation as Archon citing he was too grief stricken to continue governing the nation, but he was still able to fight. Giving up the Archonship to his brother Steven, Michael took command of regiment troops to fight off invasion of Nox.

Michael led the fight during the Battle of Beckvern Hill, in the Inner Sphere's first large-scale BattleMech vs BattleMech combat. There, his force of a company of BattleMechs and regiment of tanks clashed with Kurita's Sword of Light regiments, which consisted of an equal number of units. His troops managed to break into the enemy's rear lines where he broke up his forces into lance-sized forces and destroyed the enemy supplies and communication centers. Michael's command lance made it to Sword's regimental headquarters where they succeeded in killing the Kurita regiment's command staff at the cost of the former Archon's life.

After the battle, Michael's body was returned to Tharkad and was entombed next to his father, under the floors of new Throne Room of the palace.[7]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Alistair Steiner
Archon of the Lyran Commonwealth

Succeeded by
Steven Steiner

24672472Alistair SteinerLyran Commonwealth


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